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by Miriam-chan

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Simply just a one-shot which was from a lemon collection that I did for Miriam-chan's Delight II

Chapter 1

House of the Memeshi Family - 9:45 PM


Megumi, Masako, Yuri and Kotono were inside of the living room, sitting together on the couch while having some freshly made orange tea that was made, engaging in quite a conversation that could be simplified as "ladies talk"


While they were rather occupied with that.


Miriam was inside of the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror as she was currently dressed in the kimono that she was planning on bringing with her to a love hotel that Mamoru booked for her and him like a day ago.


With a deep breath since after minutes had passed, the brunette started to feel herself getting awfully nervous because of thinking mostly about how things may go during the time at the love hotel, will she actually experience such fantasies she was revealing indirectly to Mamoru while he was watching her for a moment, on the covers of their bed, playing around with a certain part of her body which was in need of attention.


Not from her though.


Hopefully not since they were quite on the adventerous side and already thinking of the things she was saying indirectly to Mamoru, the fantasies that she wanted him to make come true while playing around with a certain part of her body.


All she could do was close her eyes quickly and blush heavily from still thinking what happened a few days ago.



4 minutes later



'a little bit jealous that Miriam-chan is going to be heading to a love hotel with Mamoru-san...' Kotono said to Megumi while she sipped a little bit more of her tea.


'makes me wish that Nozomu-kun could treat me to something like that, even though...' Kotono said to Megumi as she started to blush a little bit.


'perhaps when you're a bit older since the hotels are primarly for the adults' Masako said to Kotono.


'how old is your boyfriend though, if you don't mind me asking?' Masako said to Kotono.


'21 years old, he's like three years older than me...' Kotono said to Masako.


'you're 18 years old then...' Masako said to Kotono.


'yeah...' Kotono said to Masako as she blushed even more.


'what are you thinking about there?' Megumi said to Kotono as she noticed the blush on her cheeks was a bit heavier than before.


'n-nothing!' Kotono quickly said to Megumi as she sipped a bit more of the tea in her cup.


'nothing?' Megumi said to Kotono as she raised a brow at her.


'is that so?' Megumi said to Kotono as she continued to raise a brow at her.


'well, well okay...' Kotono said to Megumi.


'it's normal to fantasize about certain things right?' Kotono said to Megumi.


'of course' Megumi said to Kotono.


'totally normal' Megumi said to Kotono.


'yeah' Yuri said to Kotono.


'it's perfectly normal' Yuri said to Kotono.


'of course you would say such a thing like that, Sha...' Kuro said to Yuri in their head.


'of course you would...' Kuro said to Yuri in their head.


'really?' Kotono said to Megumi and Yuri.


'would take their word, especially Megumi-san's...' Masako said to Kotono as she giggled a little.


'did you really have to say it like that, Masako-san...' Megumi said to Masako as she looked at her.


'tehe...' Yuri giggled as they liked what Masako had to say there.


'in that case since I do believe the two of them...' Kotono said to Masako.


'I could probably share the fantasy' Kotono said to Masako.


'up to you' Masako said to Kotono.


'we could all share our fantasies really' Megumi said to Masako as she sipped more of her tea.


'we could...' Yuri said to Megumi as they sipped more of their tea.


'but maybe for a later time, think one of us should check up on Miriam-chan' Megumi said to Yuri, Kotono and Masako.


'she's been in the bathroom for quite a while...' Megumi said to Yuri, Kotono and Masako.


'she'll come out shortly...' Masako said to Megumi.


'only because she probably knows it's about time to shift gears and get ready to head into the convertible with us' Masako said to Megumi.


'you guys have a convertible?' Kotono said to Masako.


'sweet...' Yuri said to Masako.



30 minutes later



Hotel Love - 10:25 PM



Miriam was inside of the main lobby of the hotel, speaking to one of the clerks working there while doing everything that she could to keep herself together.


'there is a room upstairs already booked for you and a young man' The clerk said to Miriam.


'really?' Miriam said to the clerk.


'yes' The clerk said to Miriam.


'okay, well shall I go then' Miriam said to the clerk with a smile that was difficult to keep.


'enjoy your stay for tonight, let us know if you need anything' The clerk said to Miriam.


'certainly' Miriam quickly said to the clerk.



15 minutes later



'quite a beautiful room to pick for the two of us, Mamo-chan...' Miriam softly said to herself as she was already inside of the room, looking around for a little bit while slowly closing the door behind her.


Once the door was closed and locked out of just being safe.


The brunette headed straight to the bathroom with the backpack still on her back for a little bit, closed the door behind her and right when she had swiftly gotten off the straps of the backpack from her shoulders.


'huh...' Miriam softly said to herself as she heard the sounds of the shower running inside of the bathtub, hearing that caused her to drop off the backpack hanging from her elbows and looked through the curtain to see exactly what she didn't want to see for now.


Especially since she was still rather nervous.


From the moment when she noticed that Mamoru was standing up against the wall connected to the bathtub, holding onto the shower head that was already on a particular setting which caused memories of being all alone in a bathtub, playing around with the settings of a shower head to resurface.


All she could do was feel a heavy blush covering her cheeks and her heart very much pounding since from what she could tell, he was going to make one of her fantasies become a reality which was quite nice but could she handle the adventerous aspect of them?


Could she despite indirectly telling them to her boyfriend during that night.


'care to join me for a shower, little red riding hood?' Mamoru asked Miriam with a little bit of seductiveness in his voice.


'ummm well...' Miriam quickly answered Mamoru as she continued to keep blushing heavily.



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