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First Night

by Miriam-chan

Libraries: Erotica, Original Fiction, Romance

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Inspired by a dream that I had on my birthday, which was right on time since I wanted to do a special story for Miriam-chan's birthday also.

House of the Yuben Family – 9:00 PM


Mamoru and Miriam were currently inside of the bedroom, standing together by the side of the bed, still dressed in the pearl white kimonos that were for the wedding that happened much earlier, looking at each other with the expression that was very clear.

Both of them really wanted to spend the night with doing the one thing they waited to do since the days of being university students, that was making love to each other for the very first time.



Even if Miriam-chan already was no longer a virgin.



With the silence lasting for a little bit longer.



'you really want to do this, Miriam-chan?' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'actually, do you really want to do this? Miriam-san?' Mamoru said to Miriam



'no longer you're a young girl anymore, you've become a young woman' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'a rather beautiful young woman' Mamoru said to Miriam with a smile.



With a moderate blush covering her cheeks.



'well, I really wanna do this' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'only because, well should I confess this to you?' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'it's quite embarrassing...' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'if that's the case, then it's alright' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'you don't need to tell me' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'well, I really wanna tell you since I feel you need to know' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'you need to know because...' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'you can possibly punish me or something like that...' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'why would I punish you?' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'because, while you were out with Nozomu-san and the others for another party...' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'Kotono-chan and Yuri-kun well they treated me to birthday gifts and we did karaoke together also' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'but when they left...' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'you didn't do exactly what I think you did...' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'if you did' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'well, that was pretty naughty' Mamoru said to Miriam with still a smile that became more of a smirk.



Noticing that right away and blushing even heavier than before.



'yes, but I really to relieve myself of wanting do this with you as the wedding needed to happen first and such' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'that was our promise right?' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'yes it was, even if we nearly broke it a few times' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'that's the past though, now that we're both finished with university life and married' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'the things we can do now...' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'I would admit during the party before the wedding, I couldn't stop thinking about the idea of us like this' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'even though, as much as I would love to spend our first night with trying out adventurous things, it's best for us both that we begin with going easy' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'what do you have in mind though, Mamo-chan?' Miriam said to Mamoru with a strong amount of curiosity in her voice.



'you really want to know?' Mamoru said to Miriam.




'yeah' Miriam quickly said to Mamoru with still a heavy blush but a big grin also.




Seeing that caused the dark haired young man to laugh a little, since he kind of hoped his newly wedded wife was ready for the ideas he had in mind for the first night.



They weren't too adventurous thankfully, but still enough to probably keep her cherry red.




5 minutes later




With both of the pearl white kimonos landing on the wooden floor, the newly wedded couple were still in the same exact spot, but looking closely at each other's bodies for a little bit.



And then.



Rather than say anything else, the two shared a kiss that was filled to the brim with passion and fell right onto the side of the bed at the same exact time.



As they continued on with kissing for a little more.




'forgotten how much I really enjoyed kissing your lips' Mamoru said to Miriam in between the passionate kisses he was giving her.



'likewise' Miriam said to Mamoru in between the passionate kisses she was giving him also.



But with a pause from the kissing.



Mamoru carefully had gotten on top of Miriam and could've taken her right there as there was a perfect opportunity.



Instead, he decided to make his business with pleasuring her, by firstly using his fingers which was unexpected to say the least.



'does that feel good?' Mamoru asked Miriam as he started to pump two of his fingers in and out from her body.



'y-yes...' Miriam quickly said to Mamoru with a moan.



'it does...' Miriam quickly said to Mamoru with another moan.



'good, good' Mamoru said to Miriam as he continued pumping two of his fingers in and out from her body.



To the point where once he noticed that his wife was looking slightly close to a sweet release.

He quickly pulled out both fingers and then proceeded to leave trails of kisses all over the body of his wife, causing her to moan in a way that sounded pretty beautiful.



At least for Mamoru's ears.



Once he made it to between her legs, quickly he pulled out the white sashes from the kimonos, tied both of his wife's ankles together and then as he quickly moved back up to where he could look at her directly in the eyes.



'Mamo-chan, what are you about to do...' Miriam said to Mamoru with strong amount of curiosity in her voice.



'something we're both going to enjoy' Mamoru said to Miriam with a smile.



'something that we're both really going to enjoy' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'well...' Miriam said to Mamoru with a smile.



'okey dokey' Miriam said to Mamoru with still a smile.



'however, before that happens' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'here goes tickles!' Miriam shouted to Mamoru as she proceeded to tickle him fiercely.



'seriously, Miriam-san!' Mamoru shouted to Miriam as he felt the tickles and they were pretty good.



A little too good.



'you silly goose!' Mamoru shouted to Miriam as he proceeded to tickle her back with the same amount of fierceness.



Once more than a couple of minutes passed.



The two quickly grabbed onto each other's hands as they were going to continue with the tickling battle.



But doing that sort of thing.



'umm...' Miriam said to Mamoru with a moderate blush.



'my thoughts exactly...' Mamoru said to Miriam with a laugh.



'shall we resume with the original thing?' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'mmm-hmmm' Miriam quickly said to Mamoru.



'alright' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'one thing though, as just a bit of heads up' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'I'm not going to go easy on you, since that tickle battle happened all of a sudden' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'fine by me, it was a cheeky move' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'but, I didn't mind doing it' Miriam said to Mamoru.



'I'm sure you didn't, naughty one' Mamoru said to Miriam.





'I'm sure you didn't' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'but enough with conversation, shall we get started?' Mamoru said to Miriam.



'yeah, let's get started...' Miriam said to Mamoru.





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