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Herald’s Haunting Halloween 2

by LadyLesednik

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Angst, Fantasy, Horror, One Shots, Original Fiction

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Herald’s Haunting Halloween, Prompt 2 https://www.deviantart.com/eyeofgalyx/art/Maelstrom-5114-634714943 https://www.deviantart.com/eyeofgalyx/art/Kumar-6529-658043060 Being renamed to Keanu by new owner

Lucianus - Personal (1) + extra stryx (2) + Seasonal (1) + Background (2) + Biorhythm (1) + words 800 (5) = 12
Keanu - extra stryx (2) + Seasonal (1) + Background (2) + Biorhythm (1) + words 400 (3) = 9
1,008 words
Keanu Words - 616
The full moon shone its sickly, pale light on the barren, haunted land below, the shadows of the trees appearing more as specters reaching out to aid the wisp king. Not a star in the sky, it appeared as if the life of the universe had been pulled from existence and dumped into the monstrous beast. The lack of sound other than the distant roars of the angered beast really cemented the feeling of isolation in the dark, unaided by autumn's touch. The trees were bare, most of their leaves having fallen, leaving the naked branches to claw at the sky and sway in the breeze. The leaves below had turned brown and dried up, turning into the ground into a minefield, one wrong step on the crunchy leaves would give away the location of any living creature, drawing the wrath of the beast in the distance. The spiders had begun crafting new webs in the leafless trees, stringing their white threads between the naked talon-like branches. When the moonlight caught the threads of the web just right, it appeared that the threads were in fact glowing eyes, peering down on those unfortunate enough to pass. On this most cursed night, that unfortunate soul happened to be Lucianus. He lay beneath the naked trees, attempting to blend into the darkness of the brush. The forest no longer had leafy trees, but among the forest floor was many bushes. The ground was hidden beneath the crunchy autumn leaves, so Lucianus dared not move for free of drawing the wisp king's attention back to him. Despite the leafless trees, he could see no end to the forest, it seemed to go on infinitely in every direction, he was no longer sure which way he'd even entered. All he knew, was that the wisp king was over there, and he was staying over here. With every breath, he could feel pain throughout his body. Dull, piercing, sharp.. He was covered in wounds from his fight, some weeping red, others not. The harpia felt his breath catch in his throat as he heard the sound of crunching leaves, growing nearer and nearer to his failed hiding spot. He could still hear the rampaging beast off in the distance, so he knew that whatever drew near wasn't the wisp king. He could only hope it was friendly. Suddenly a large shape appeared between the trees, and he could see the pupilless white eyes, staring into his soul. He opened his mouth, snowflakes forming as the water solidified as he drew strength to freeze his breath in an effort to intimidate the potential threat. Undeterred, the form moved out of the shadows and into the sickly moonlight, revealing itself to be a female harpia. What he'd thought were haunting, pupilless eyes were in fact spots above her eyes. A tactic to trick predators, and tricked he had been by the female's defense mechanism. He allowed his icy breath to fade, warming itself back to normal temperatures as he laid his head down, watching warily as the female approached. The black harpia nudged his chilled and feathered body, examining his multitude of injuries. Suddenly her voice reached his ears, soft and hushed, obviously avoiding catching the wisp king's attention. "Keanu. My name is Keanu." Were the simple words she spoke. He eyed her, remaining silent as he watched her gather some leaves from one of the still green bushes. Finally, he spoke, keeping his voice softer than the wind. "Lucianus." Keanu gave a brief, curt nod as she began packing the leaves, as well as some goo he hadn't seen her collect, into the largest of his bleeding gashes. He gave a sharp exhale through his nose, his eyes widening at the sudden pain radiating from his wound like a fire, yet still she pressed on, packing it full of more leaves and mystery goo while Lucianus focused on keeping his breathing even and steady, and not howling his pain for the beast to hear. Thankfully, Keanu finished with the task of packing his wound fairly quickly, moving on to smearing this mysterious goo, Lucianus assumed some sort of healing salve, on his smaller scrapes and cuts, using both her beak and her talons to do the task, going down the entirety of his body to check for any hidden nicks she may have missed. She relied more on her sight rather than his words to guide her efforts, the more they spoke, the more likely they'd be found by the horrendous monster. Keanu knew she wouldn't be able to take it on alone, so their best bet was to lay low and treat his wounds. Lucianus bit back a yelp as he felt a sharp pinch on his back, turning his head to spot the harpia holding one of his feathers in her beak. He gave a light rumble at her, a small warning as he laid his head back down, only for her to nudge his side. He could only guess that Keanu was requesting he flip over, so flip over he did, revealing his other side to her. One by one, Keanu went about leafing and gooing his wounds, minor and large, until they had all been treated. At this point, a roar came from nearby, and both harpias froze to their core as they realized how close the wisp king was. Quickly, Keanu nudged Lucianus' tail up near his body, gently doing the same to his head. He obliged, tucking his head near his wings as he studied the female, curiously, unsure of what she was planning. Until she climbing ontop of him, spreading out her wings and concealing his bright white and silver plumage with her black feather. Like this, if the wisp king flew over head, he might miss them, as opposed to easily spotting the neon white harpia amidst the black. They remained like that for the remainder of the night, hushed whispers shared between the two. Hard not to talk when someone is on top of you.


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