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Dragon Eater

by stubbornbudgie

Libraries: Fantasy, Original Fiction

Published on / 3 Chapter(s) / 0 Review(s)

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A time has come upon the world, where humans are the subservient species and where dragons reign supreme. Only one being, created by the ancients, as a weapon long ago, is able to war against them, is able to be worthy of the title of Dragon Eater. But first, they must be awakened from their slumber, born once again into a new body, in this new era, to try to save those around them.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1 - Memory


"I can't remember the days when humanity thrived anymore..."
"I can only remember the days when we were all running for our lives.."
"We could not sleep. They ate us in the night."
"We could not stay in one place, they burned us worse than the sun."
"We could not cope, they used their teeth for chewing nothing more."
"We were subservient..."
"My grandfather told me a long time ago.. a time when humans were the top of the food chain.."
"They hunted down the dragons to nothing.. no one dared fight back.. is this what we get?"
"I want to hope that we can all live in peace but... they don't see it that way.."
"Will they ever? or will we have to be a handful to survive to them?"
"My eyes are growing dark.. I've fallen deep below the surface.. rocks and more fill the area.. my tomb.. this is my tomb.."
"I see a light.. but it's calling me down.. wouldn't it be the light going up?... why is it telling me to go down.. "
"Guide my hands to revenge..."
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