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The Correct Witching World Ord

by MasterRhinoceros

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Hermione, Ginny, and Ron's mom reward Harry for being a good boy and learn Ron an important lesson!

There was a time at least a year after Harry defeated Voldemort so everyone was over 18 and it was peaceful. Harry found himself enraptured with Hermione's feminism and bossiness with her girls are better attitude which was sexy. Meanwhile Ron was being sexist!"Hermione, Iron my clothes and cook my dinner because women belong in the kitchen!" Ron said sexistly. "No!" Said hermione with feminism. Ron gasped, but hermione continued, "why can't you be more like Harry, he knows that girls are better and so does his giant dick because it's getting hard and he's embarrassed. Your penis is much smaller and wimpier than his!" And Ginny, and Ron's mom both clapped and cheered. "MOM!" Yelled Ron so Ron's mom kicked him in his balls. "Don't ever yell at me or any other female, Ron!" Yelled Ron's mom with women's rights. Ron could only hold his balls in pain and stare at their pussies enviously. His balls hurt lots, and he realized now they were his weakness and that pussies were better. But he blamed Harry because it was all harry's fault. He knew Harry would try to steal hermione from him eventually, because he was a fame obsessed jerk that wanted oodles of female attention! Ron would have been Happy with just hermione, he didn't need to fuck Ginny too.Suddenly he was rolled over and Ginny's pussy weight was directly on his mouth!"Ginny, what the fuck?!" Ron asked with his mouth covered, but his mouth was covered so it sounded more like "Mmphy Mmph mph mphh." So Ginny reached into his pants and pulled out his balls and hit them 10 times with a baseball bat, pulled out her wand and said "testicular reparo," hit them ten more times, and cast the spell again. Ron's world was a horrific and unfathomable testicular agony. All he was was a pair of aching nuts, his body and the world around him had ceased to exit. Meanwhile, in the same place at the same time:Ginny was sitting on Ron's face, and Ron wasn't licking her pussy, so she pulled out a baseball bat and smashed his nuts with it a lot. He still wasn't licking her pussy so she kept doing it. He eventually passed out. "Ugh, useless brother! Harry, you'll lick my pussy won't you?" Ginny asked him."Of course, mistress Ginny," said Harry wisely. And he walked over and lay down on his back to do so. Ginny walked up his body, making sure to stomp on his balls and his enormous foot long boner, bending it backwards as she did so, because she and hermione knew that all boners and testicles deserve such torture, no matter how big they may be. And then she sat on Harry's face and Harry ate her out like the good boy that he was. Meanwhile Ron's mom renner stayed Ron so he woke up. "How dare you defy female authority with your weak ball testicles of maleness! Now you shall lick my pussy, Ron!" Said Ron's mom with face sitting.Ron was forced to lick Ron's mom's pussy which grossed him out because Ron's mom was his mom. But he had to do it anyway because she was squeezing his balls ack. So he licked Ron's mom's pussy till she came all over his face with reverse bukkake because she was a major squirter. Meanwhile with Harry hermione and Ginny:Hermione was giving Harry a footjob as a reward rubbing her feet on his enormous dick for him being a good boy, and Ginny was grasping at his hair and massaging his head because he was good at the licking of pussies.As Ginny orgasmed all over harry's face, hermione demanded a turn riding his face and sat on it, so Ginny squeezed his balls a bit playfully but mostly went back to footjobbing him. Harry then came all over her feet so she went and made Ron lick it off. Then she cast a teeth removal hex at Ron so he couldn't bite and dragged him over to force his mouth on Harry's enormous throbbing dong because it could cum again because Harry's cock was quite powerful though not as even the weakest pussy because no cock is but it at least knew that because it was a very wise cock. End of chapter 1. Did like it. Also my biggest influences in writing are dark yagami, Nonbendo, and shakespeare Hemmingway. Tell me if you could tell. I tried to make less spelling and grammer errors than them though I hop I succeeded!

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