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Vegeta gets skitzophrenia from drugs, alcohol, and a little accident (sp?) that Goku did to him (Crushing his head against concrete while sparring). He is put into the the Psychiatric Hospital because the mental disease has caused him to hear voices in his head (which skitzophrenia can do to you, I've researched it). Over the 5 years in the Psyc ward, Goku comes to visit the now gothic Prince almost every day. The two find themselves falling in love with each other, setting their differences aside. But what is Goku going to do when he learns that Vegeta will never be cured and that he may possibly have a fatal brain tumor??

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Chapter 1, How it began


Because of a head injury that afflicted my head, I hear these voices that want me dead.
People think I'm crazy, people think I'm nuts, but you don't know what it's like to hear "Tear out your guts..."
I scream and cry and curse at night, but the voices find this such a delight.
Somebody help me, I can't stand my life, the voices are making me want to use this knife...
Please somebody! I don't want to take my last breath, these voices are going to cause my final death...

It was five days until the World tournament. Sparring sessions between fighters became more serious, determination was set high, and Vegeta's ego was off the scale. He had the creepiest feeling that he was going to get paired with Goku in the fight. He was sticking to that feeling and trained almost 24/7. With every spar he had with Goku, he was always trying to get the baka pissed off, getting him to release his full power. And hell it was working.

He and Goku were sparring now in the GR, gravity set at level 900x. Both were Super Saiyan 2 and were taking a small break to catch their breath. Goku had a glare on his face while the Prince smirked at his success at pissing the taller one off. Every kick or punch thrown at him, he dodged and didn't even bother to attack back.

"Well Kakarot, getting tired yet?" Vegeta crossed his arms.

"You're not even trying Vegeta!" Goku barked back, making Vegeta's smirk widen.

"Maybe I am. Or maybe you just can't get with the program. All in all, you just suck." A middle finger was added to the statement.

Goku growled animalistically and raced towards the proud Prince, pounding his fist in his stomach, a kick on his back, and an elbow to the head.

Vegeta fell to the floor and moaned in slight pain. He got on his knees, resting his hands on his thighs, head hung and he spit out blood. "Ow... my fucking head..." he grumbled and attacked Goku with full force.

A dance of punches, kicks, and ki blasts moved throughout the GR. Sinister growls and erotic moves fueled the fire of the spar, which was slowly turning into a fight. Goku powered up greatly, angry beyond his control, flashing into Super Saiyan 3.

Vegeta stopped immediately, fear overtaking his as the angry low class came after him. The Prince turned and flew towards the door, trying to escape the enraged baka. Fate was not on his side unfortunately. His ankle was grabbed by a large hand and Goku began to swing Vegeta around in 360º circles. The Prince began to yell, trying to grab onto anything to stop. Goku swung him around faster and faster in mid air and then let go. Vegeta was flung to the concrete wall of the GR, too dizzy to try and slow himself down. He stopped suddenly as his head smashed against the concrete, a loud bone-crunching sound filling the GR.

Vegeta fell to the floor, a large blood spot where his head hit. Goku flew up to him, still fired up from the fight, slight concern on his face. "Vegeta?" he demanded, hoping that the prince wasn't just playing games.

No response. Vegeta's face was on the floor, body limp, and it looked like he wasn't breathing. Goku moved Vegeta with his foot, still no responce. He glanced at the bloody wall and the blood that was surrounding the Prince's head. "OMIGOD VEGETA!!!" He went into his normal state and rushed to Vegeta's side, lifting him in his arms.

He turned Vegeta so that he could see his face. A gasp left Goku's mouth as Vegeta opened slightly, staring at the taller Saiyan. "You're alive!! I'm so sorry!" He used his shirt to wipe off the all the blood on Vegeta's face.

Vegeta sat up and held onto his head, moaning about the pain. "Kaka...rot!!" he growled and stood up, staggering to the door.

"Vegeta, you need to sit down. C'mon, now." Goku touched Vegeta's arm.

"Lay off! It's already bad enough that you almost killed me!" the Prince snapped at him.

"At least let me get a sinzu bean..." Goku trailed off, noticing a tear escaping the older Saiyan's eye. "Are you ok...?"

"No Kakarot! I just got muy skull crushed against the wall! I'm bleeding for Kami's sake! And you think I'm ok?!" Vegeta yelled, then grabbed his pounding head as if his own loud voice hurt.

"Let me take you to the doctor." Goku noticed another tear. 'It must really hurt...' he thought.

"I just need to wash up and lay down for a few minutes. Go on home, baka. Our spar is over. I'll see you at the tournament." he walked out of the GR to Capsule Corp.

Goku watched his staggering rival barely get in the door before closing it. He began to calm down, convincing himself that Vegeta could take care of himself. He looked back into the Gravity Room, making a face at the blood on the wall and floor, and turned to go home. "Hope you're ok, Vegeta..." and he flew away.

Inside, Vegeta had to crawl up the stairs to his room after washing his face. He kicked off his boots, got in the bed (was wearing only spandex shorts), and closed his eyes to take a small nap.

He didn't wake up for 3 days...
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