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The Duck and the Princess

by Animeiac

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Angst, Dragon Ball Z, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Misc Anime and Manga, Romance, Series

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Bra has rescued a certain white duck from the Cat Cafe.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 01: Make way for the Princess

The Duck and the Princess

By Mari

Co-authored by Alex Pienkoss

Disclaimer: DBGT is the © property of Akira Toriyama. Ranma ½ is the © property of Rumiko Takahashi.

A/N: Even though that Bura hardly does any training in both the DBZ and DBGT series, I believe that she does have some Saiyan strength that she inherited from Vegeta since she is his daughter and a Princess by birthright. And I would like to welcome my co-author, Alex Pienkoss, whose you all remembered from her great work as "Lovers Emerald".

Chapter 01: Make way for the Princess

It started as nice afternoon in the city of Nerima despite of the residences; a small but stylish red sports car came cruising into town. This would have been very interesting if Nerima wasn’t so used to strange happenings. As the car parked on one side of the street, a door opened from the right and out came a pretty teenage girl with blue eyes and blue hair. Wearing red halter-top with matching skirt, boots, gloves, and headband. Gold colored choker and gold hooped earrings. Her name is Bra Briefs-Vegeta.

"So this is the famous city of Nerima," Bra assumed as she took around the city, "funny it doesn’t look like some kind of crazy place that I’ve been hearing about." She came to Nerima because she heard all the stories about crazy martial artists that have fights here and cause destruction all over the town. "Maybe I’ll take a look around and see if they got any good shops." Bra closed the door, pressed a hidden button making the car turned into a small capsule, and went for her little stroll.

A little later on, our favorite half Saiyan Princess came across Nerima’s famous Chinese noodle shop, the Cat Café. That’s when her Saiyan instincts started to kick in as she heard her stomach growled. "I guess it’s time for lunch then." Bra assumed and went into the restaurant. When she entered Bra was greeted by a little old woman standing on a wooden staff and next to her is a young Chinese girl about her age with long purple hair. The two of them were wearing traditional Chinese clothing. Their names were Cologne and Shampoo.

"Hello there Child," Cologne greeted Bra, "welcome to the Cat Café, I’m Cologne and this is great-granddaughter, Shampoo." She introduced herself and Shampoo as they gave her a polite bow.

"Um hi there," Bra returned their greeting with a small and friendly wave, "my name is Bra Briefs-Vegeta and I’m a bit hungry." Even though she feels something strange about these two, she still has to be respectful and polite to others just as mother taught her to be.

Both Shampoo and Cologne looked at Bra funny when she said her name. This young one was named after undergarments? Cologne contemplated the girl’s name.

And people say we have funny names. Shampoo added her thought.

Shampoo added her thought.

The next thing, they felt a slight tremble of the restaurant shaking. "What was that?" Shampoo was the first to ask.

"It’s a bit early for earthquakes." Cologne assumed but she senses that is something different.

"Sorry, that’s me," Bra confessed with an embarrassed grin, "I guessed I’m little more hungry than I thought."

Cologne and Shampoo were looking at the half Saiyan princess with wide eyes. "Aiya, you said that you were hungry but we know not that much." Shampoo said in her broken Japanese.

"My you certainly do have a healthy appetite for a little girl like you." Cologne hoped that Bra would take it as a compliment. "I’ll let Shampoo show you to your table while I get started in the kitchen." And with that Cologne hopped on her staff while Shampoo escort Bra to a table.

"This table is good, yes?" Shampoo showed Bra to her table.

"Yes it is," Bra approved, "thank you." And took her seat as Shampoo handed her a menu. "I’ll have the ramen noodles with meatballs and a small glass of ice tea, please." Bra placed her order and returned the menu to Shampoo.

"Very good, Shampoo will tell Great-Grandmother your order and be back in a moment." The young purple haired Chinese Amazon left Bra’s table and went to the kitchen.


While the blue haired daughter of Vegeta waited for her order to come, she heard what sounded like quacking. "I wonder where all that quacking’s coming from?" Bra asked herself, since she believes that it will take a while for her meal to be ready she decides to have a look around. "Might as well find out for myself." She gets out of her table and follows the sounds of the quacking.

As soon as the quacking starts sounding a little more closer, Bra discovered that it came from behind the door of some kind of storage closet. So this is where all that noise came from, She assumed with her ear on the door. Now I know that it’s wrong to breaking into other people’s property, The Princess was struggling with her conscience, but I got to know what’s making all that quacking sound. Her curiosity won over and tries the knob of the door. She was surprise that it was not locked, I guess these people are not worried about someone trying to steal their belongings. Bra acknowledged as she quietly opened the door with a small creek.

When Bra entered the storage closet all she can see is darkness but she can still hear the quacking sound and her Saiyan instinct sense a small power level. Finally she founds the light switch and turns it on. The room brightened up and she now sees what was making all that quacking. It was a small white duck wearing thick round glasses, which was pretty unusual at least to the Saiyan Princess. Of course her father and brother can shoot ki blast and fly everywhere and have seen dragons, and monsters, and aliens. So she is used to things like that and this was no big deal for her. But what does bother Bra is that the duck is in a very small and very cramped up cage. Since she inherited her soft spot for animals from her Grandfather Briefs, Bra feels sorry for the poor little duck and walked up to his cage.

"Hello," Bra greeted the duck in her calm and comforting voice.

The duck stopped quacking as he saw Bra kneeling in front of the cage and looking at him.

Bra smiled softly at the duck and unlocked the cage. "Are you feeling a little cramp in there little duck?" Bura asked as she unlocks the cage.

The duck continue to look at her and was surprised as Bra lifted him. She held him in her arms and hugs him to her chest.

"Does that feel better?" Bura said with a smile.


Mousse was not having a good day. He spent nearly all morning confessing his love to Shampoo, only to have her splash water on him and locking him in a cage in the storage closet. From morning to noon, he spends his time quacking like crazy in his cage.

"Hello." A female voice said.

Mousse stopped quacking and looked up. At first glance, he thought it was Shampoo. But when he really got a good look at her, he realizes that it was not Shampoo. He watched as she unlocked the cage door.

"Are you feeling a little cramp in there little duck?" She said.

Mousse continued to watch her as she opened the cage door. He was surprised when she picked him up and held him gently in her arms.

"Does that feel better?" She asked with a smile.

Mousse blushed lightly as he nodded his head.


Bra smiled at the duck and petted his head lightly.

"What you doing here!!"

Bra turned to the doorway and saw a not happy Shampoo.

"This private storage room, you have no place here." Shampoo said annoyed.

"Hey I am sorry." Bra said on the defense, "I heard this duck and decided to see if it was alright."

"Put that useless duck back in cage!" Shampoo said as she saw Mousse.

"Are you crazy! This little guy was cramped in there." Bra said as she held Mousse protectively, "I am not putting him back in."

Cologne hopped in the room before things got out of hand. "What seems to be the trouble here?" She said.

"I caught her in storage Great Grandmother." Shampoo said.

"The only reason I came in here was because this poor little guy was locked in here." Bra said, "How could you leave a poor animal in here like this?"

"Who care about that stupid duck." Shampoo said as she crossed her arms.

"If you are say that, then I might as well take him home with me." Bura said.

"I think that it might be a very good idea." Cologne said with a nod. "We were actually looking for someone to take him in."

Mousse's jaw was wide opened. He couldn't believe that they were giving him away like that right?

"Alright then, I will take him home." Bra said as she was walking out of the room and heading for outside. "I'm definitely not coming back here again."

Shampoo turned to Cologne as the front door closed, "Why you give stupid Mousse like that?"

"With Mousse out of the way, we will have more time to get Son-in-law." Cologne said.

"Hiyah! Shampoo's Airen will be so happy!!" Shampoo said.


Out on the highway, Bra was driving her car with Mousse sitting on the front seat. She looked over at the duck as he stared out of the window.

"I wonder why they would treat this poor little guy like that?" Bura asked herself.

Mousse stared at the window with tears forming in his eyes. Shampoo has rejected him before many times, but never like this. At that moment, he didn't care what would happen to him. With no one and no home to call his own, he fell lost and alone in the world.

Lucky for him, that was soon about to change...

To be continued...

Now what will happen when Bra takes Mousse back home with her? Will he able to adjust to his new surroundings? And what will happen if Bra finds out her new pet’s little secret? Find out next time in "The Duck and the Princess".

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