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I beautiful time

by aftermathgirl

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Bulma is tired of Vegeta's attitude and decides to make a move on him, the results are very breath taking. :)

It was a very odd but very relaxing, satisfying day for me when it happened, because after it did, everything was going good...

I stared at Vegeta from the moment he went to sleep till he woke up in the morning. He just stood up, glanced at me quickly and started to put his shirt on. I knew he was off to train, but i was angry at the fact that he didnt even give me a kiss or say hi at least. It was so wierd, did he even know that i was his wife?

Later on that day Vegeta came in the living room, all sweaty and tired from his training. Once again he gave me a quick glance and walked away. Stupid Vegeta, thinking to myself anxious to find out why he was like that. Then i decided, i would have a little talk with him.

Late at night, i waited, waited in our bedroom for his arrival. Footsteps approached. I watched carefully at the door, when i saw it was Vegeta, i yelled out, "Hold it right there mister!" Vegeta stood there shocked and curious to find out what was up with me.

I went right up to his face and glared at him. He just gave me the same stare he allways does. But then i saw him come closer to my face. I froze when i felt his lips against mine, his tounge tasted my mouth gently. I gave a quick glance at him, his eyes were shut softly...like he was enjoying it!

Vegeta started to go up my shirt and breath harder. I realized too that i was breathing harder than before. He started giving me more passionate kisses while rubbing his hands up my body, feeling the trace of it very softly. We walked softly over to the bed where Vegeta fell carefully on me, not stopping once to look up. What he said to me was suprising. "Relax." He said once again.

And i did, i got into it. I slowly lowered my hands to his cock, after feeling the rest of his body. Vegeta moaned soflty, and slowly but desperatly took of my clothes. A huge zap of emotions and pleasure went through my body. We both moaned when he thrusted himself into me. There was a whole bunch of movment in the moment. I couldnt help but moan his name 4 or 5 times. "VEGETA!"

It all stopped when i heard him whisper to me; "I cummed." Vegeta said with a slight chuckle.

He smiled at me once more and gently fell on me. We both laid there panting, trying to catch our breath. His lips touched my cheek with a kiss as he rolled off to my side where he wrapped his arm around my tired body. I sighed with satisfaction.

Vegeta and I both fell asleep, happy and very exausted.

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