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Semen Watered Love

by Morality_Of Sin

Libraries: Angst, Gothic, MenLovingMen, Original Fiction, Series

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Inside his heart lies a place for me, inside my soul I wish to be his, and if the price of hell is to be paid, then our semen watered love shall extinguish those flames. ( Ch. 4 up! )

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Chapter 1, Prologue** Prelude to Origin

Semen Watered Love
By: Morality_Of Sin
Warning: This story will contain yaoi. Meaning male/male sex. If you do not approve of this then please make use of your BACK button. I will accept NO flames. You have been warned. Secondly, there is some religious content in here. While most of it is original, I feel the need to inform you to not take any of this personally. I criticize no religion, it’s just for the story. Other than that, enjoy!
Prologue** Prelude to Origin
"Onii-sama?" Asked a young boy of about six or seven. "Yes?" Came the reply of a much older male around the age of twenty three or so. They paced aimlessly around a beautifully kept and exceptionally large garden. The sky was a beautiful shade of golden yellow, and beige pink as the sun slowly crept behind the many trees which sprouted from the nearby forest that lay just beyond the garden’s massive gates. The young boy ran up to the gorgeous fountain which stood in the center of the garden and began to gently finger the crystal clear, cool water which ran through out the expertly carved female, who’s robe barely retained it’s position upon her delicate frame, and her vase like container of water tipped just enough within her arms to let a small stream flow into a small river which circled around the female’s feet , and down through three levels of steps to where the young boy stood. "Why do angels exist?" The older male kept his steady pace as he wandered over to the young boy many feet in front of him. "From where does a question like that come dear?" He replied softly, as a gentle smile took it’s place upon his beautiful face. "Last night I heard my mommy crying to our angel statue to make my sister feel better...but she’s still sick. I thought angels were supposed to make people feel better, and do really nice stuff but they ignored my mom...and nothings why do they exist? What good are they for?" The older male’s smile faded immediately, as he stopped dead in his tracks. Any kindness in his slightly slanted light blue eyes was demolished, and there was a brief silence between them before he replied. "Come here, Cross." He said in a stern, almost hate filled tone. "Yes, onii sama?" Cross said as he ran back to his personal hero. He was greeted by a rather harsh slap across his left cheek, packed with so mush force that it sent the boy stumbling backwards and onto the ground. The older male stood over him glaring at him with such a hate, that they inflicted Cross with ten times the pain the slap did. "Never speak ill of the higher powers, you ungrateful pest! Do you know how much worse things could be right now?! How many children would give anything just to experience a glimpse of the life you have?!" Cross’ body began to shake uncontrollably at the sound of disgust coming from his beloved onii sama. "Angels are wonderful beings! They protect us from evils that of which are probably unknown to man! The only reason it takes a while for wishes to come true is because they’re too many sinful mortals who wish for things out of greed! Too many who waste their breath on demanding wishes of things they will not appreciate two hours after they get it, too many who are ungrateful for what they have! Too many who do not look at there lives through Heaven’s eyes, who’s only thought is that they do not have what they want, so they want more and more and more!!!" Cross began to sob and scoot away from the cold voice lecturing him so. "Angels grant miracles only to those who truly need them, to those who are true believers!" The older male strode over to Cross and yanked him back onto his knees by his shirt collar. Apologize to God and his angels right now!"
The young boy tried his hardest to keep himself balanced on his trembling knees, and folded his hands into prayer position as he forced words of God to proceed beyond his chattering teeth. "I-I’m sorry God, I didn’t mean to doubt your ways. I’m sorry angels, I didn’t know of your ways...I beg for your forgiveness." The older male now smiled with unparalleled warmth and kindness. His once stern and cold features melted away like a cool snowflake which had fallen into the eyes of a summer’s warm gaze. He stepped forward gently, and gracefully placed Cross within his arms. "Good Cross. Now, how about we go get some ice cream and cake, hmm?" He asked in a complete joyous tone. Cross could just barely manage a nod.
Morality: Well I hope you liked the prologue. By the way, "onii sama" is a very respectful way to say "brother" in Jappanese. Please review!  
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