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a sons love

by trunksandgotendude

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chichi dies and gohan cmforts his father,parings:gohan x goku,goten x trunks,vegeta x goku,gohan x goku

"Chi Chi.." Goku moaned, tears trailing down his cheeks.

The crushed warrior stumbled from the back pantry room; his hand clutching the remains of his shredded black funeral suit. He leant heavily against the wall. It was furthest away from the hall that held the room he just came from. He wanted to be anywhere but near that room. So here, was fine until he regained more of his strength back than he'll move from where he stopped unfavorably.

'He could still feel each press of skin, each touch, each whispered word...' He shivered involuntarily, disappointed with himself, 'Kami, what was I thinking?'


The rest of his body sagged as well against the wall. Thankful for it. He needed the support of the stern construction right now even if it was an inanimate object.

'My own child...' he cringed as the truth finally hit him, at least partially, that is. 'Kami..' he held back the sob that shook his form. A hot trail of tears made it's way down his rosy powdered cheeks, until they kept coming and showed no sign of stopping.

The tears that he was shedding was a small yet needed release for one who tried desperately to cleanse his very soul.

Each liquid drop spilled, representing a raft to wait upon, until one could deal without drowning in their own very thoughts from all that transpired and changed, to quick to catch up.

It was sort of like a life perserver reserved for times of great distress. A means that God gave us so that we wouldn't be engulfed in the mirky waters of where we wound inevitably would sink.

Kami, why...

As the little droplets journeyed down his ashen face and leaped off his angular chin, he made an effort to reshuffle his thoughts in their proper place. He tried to categorize or blank out the flashes that were now interwining with the times he shared with his wife, distorting what he held dear in his heart with the images of his.. of his- he sobbed harder, wiping angrily at his hot fallen tears, furious at himself for openly displaying his emotions on his face. He refused to acknowledge...to accept...to...

'Go -han... Ugn...n..'

He stilled for a moment, mind berating him 'How could you let this happen? How could you? Why did you...' The older saiyan sobbed harder, hiccuping between gulps of air that filled his starved lungs. He felt... Angry.Tired. Ashamed. Torn. 'Too much to soon to everything' He crushed his head in his fist, pulling at his raven bangs to ease some of the unwanted pain.

'Ah.' He squeezed his fist harder, relieved. 'It was working. Good.' thought Goku-son. He could feel the lighted headiness that sworm around his head.

Being light headed meant being somewhat tipsy and one step closer to being out for the night. In obliviouness.

*contented sigh*

'Maybe there was still some alcohol left in his system, after all?

*mirthless grin*

'Me thinks I lucked out after all. Though I am Saiyan.' thought the distressed hero, 'Boy I hadn't had alcohol in a long time so that's probably why I but then again, I could also be tipsy from exerting myself to much emotionally and so on. Oh well. ::pause:: Ooooooh!' His eyes sparkled happily, 'Tipsy meant being semi-present, semi-aware of what had happened.' Giggle

'Gee...want am I saying? I must be losing it if I'm getting all giddy and still crying my eyes out. Pouted Goku, angrily at himself, 'First Chi Chi, then the funeral, then dying inside, then slowly coming back to himself, then his stupidity just now...Geez, in all honestly, he'd rather not think. At. All. But it was kind of hard when he was doing the very act itself?


Goku knew he was hovering between the brink of sanity and insanity. If he just took a few more steps toward the icy shoreline he could just say he slipped into the waters and blame it on the little piece of wood that was suppose to keep him adrift..' cracked the saiyan warrior bitterly but calmed down, sighing. 'There was still the possibility that just maybe,...

...just maybe?

*brows crinkling, lips pursing in a twist*

...that he had imagined the whole ordeal and that his son hadn't really tooken advantage of him.

That was wishful thinking and he knew it.

::sniff:: ::sniff::

His wife's death hit him harder than he thought possible. And it only occurred a few days ago as well as the funeral. A long time ago he decided to have her buried right by his Grandpa so that he could visit them both when that day came, when his wife would be not of this world anymore but in the OtherWorld.
Chi Chi even asked not to be wished back by the dragonballs on her death bed. She said for me to not worry and that she'll say hi to Bulma for me and that she was happy that she'd finally could be at peace.

Chi Chi saying that made him confused. In a way he understood what she meant but in another way, he didn't.

Going home to the empty house made him feel extra lonely. Chi Chi was gone now, dying of old age. Her father died a decade before her. Kind of fitting. Father reunited with wife as he await for their daughter in the AfterWorld. He wondered if he would get a chance to meet his father or mother when he died? But he doubted it. They were saiyans and served under Frieza and because of that, they could never enter Paradise.
Or he could be wrong.

He hoped his wife had lived a wonderful life while she was alive. God he regretted so much. Hell, he even missed getting whacked in the head by her famous humongus frying pan that she used on him when he upsetted the amazon women.

He had it bad.

He hoped his wife was indeed in peace and happiness. Though he wondered if his wife missed him even if she was in heaven with all his other friends except for a select few that outlived a Earthlan's full life span.

Let's see... Piccolo. Dende. Mr. Popo. My two son's. Trunk's and Vegeta. Not many of us left. Luckily the universe is at peace. Especially Earth.
Finally, at last.

Yeah... Korin and Jarijobe were alived still. They had asked for eternal youth from the dragonballs They said something about someone had to keep the senzu's coming.

Umm...oh yeah! Krillin asked to die when his wife did. I can understand that. Marron chose not too, she died around the same time Pan passed away. Then a few years later, Bra went. Everyone dying of old age. Just like Chi Chi.

He wondered where his old sensei, Master Roshi would be sent? He was a good man and teacher. Though, he was still a dirty old man. Gotta ask King Yama when his time comes along. If the decision becomes iffy, I'll ask to give him passage into heaven but he had to be nice. No touching or drooling at the pretty nice ladies. He wondered how long that would last.

Oolong. Puar. Yamcha. Tien. Chatzou. All passing and never coming back. Chi Chi was definitely the hardest. When Bulma died that hurt too and he was surprised that Vegeta took it lightly, mumbling about something that I didn't quite pick up when he flew off after she was lowered in the ground. At least he showed his respect.
I knew he would. He loved her. Like I loved her. She was my bestfriend.


So I went about and avoided our home ever since the day of her death.

But I did come back.

And as soon as I got home, I went straight to the locked cabinet . It was the wooden case that was above the sink. On the shelves, it held the finest wines and strongest % liquors' of the entire universe. These gifts were from the Supreme Ki himself. He received this gift for saving the World from Buu and for all his other acts. He said it wasn't necessassary but the little guy insisted and said there was no harm.

How wrong he was.

I doubt Shin thought I would do this. The god did trust in me, afterall. And I know, I wasn't just imagining the deep admiration that sparkled in his eyes as he shook my hand before he left to go back to the Other world as the overseerer.

He did feel a bit guilty. Using the gift for selfish reasons instead of sharing it with his friends and family. He actually forgot getting the gift', until it popped in his mind when he attempt a meditatation session to relax his racing mind. Better late than never.
Although never would of been a better alternative if it prevented him from stopping his son.

There was a part of him that wondered if Chi Chi would of liked the wines. She was a princess. He should of asked her more about that but now he couldn't. He wondered if she would of thought some of these were at least interesting? The selected few he had a chance to sample were beyond what he ever tasted and reminded him of wild berries and strawberries and some other unidentifable flavours?

At the time, drowning out his sorrows seemed like the quickest fix but he had never imagined any harm would result afterwards.

He was wrong.

His son taught him that.

He figured he would of woken up with a splitting headache, possibly on the kitchen floor with maybe a upset stomach the most.

But. No.

It didn't work out that way. Not quite.

He did have the splitting headache, though.

Yeah, he had awoken but to the feel of a soft surface beneath him. At first he thought it was the kitchen floor, and just him using his gi top as a pillow. Then a blurry image of his son, Gohan, unpealing the garments of his suit from him popped into his eyes. He felt he was torn of his undershirt when it refused to cooperate with busy hands.

"Gah!?" A firm hand clasped the back of his shoulder, startling him. All thoughts about how he got here forgotten.

'He had company.'

His muscles tensed and he readied for a fall when to his surprise, it never happened.

' Right.' He forgot. ' Gohan.'

His son's hand stopped him from falling undignifly onto his face.
All too soon for his liking, a warm body pressed against his naked back; while strong arms wrapped around his torso to steady him, he supposed.

' No. He wasn't going to allow this to happen again.' he firmly decided, building the courage to stop this.

Small, wet kisses were lightly planted on the back of his neck. He gasped outloud from the contrast of wet warmth against his chilled flesh. He slumped forward, overwhelmed by the tiny act. He unconsciously moaned as he felt his son suckle on a few of his locks, further wetting the midnight black strands.

His upper body arch forward trying to gain some space when he felt the tip of something wet nudge his back leg. He was sure it was his
son's weeping need.

" Shh... I've got you"

"Gohan," he guiltily panted, "Son, please don't..." Going unanswered, Goku pulled, trying to twist away even as weak as he was. That little move only caused the loose hold around him to tighten further.
He didn't like being in such a submissive position. Especially since his son was able to cross his arms against his chest, trapping him in place. His brashness had cost him big.

He felt so stupid. He really was living the name Vegeta duked him as all these years. He never thought he was dumb like this but nope. He was wrong. As the way it was, how his son has him held, he felt more uncomfortable and a hell of a lot more secured where he can't move than he had before.

*heavy sigh*

'Why couldn't he have at least had enough strength to teleport somewhere else that wasn't here? He now wondered whether his son knew what he had done and was about to do again, was wrong or not..'

"Shh...this will make you feel better tousan," the young man promised as he slowly kneeled his father down to the floor until his father rested on his belly, lying flat out.

Gohan nuzzled his cheek, happily, against the area of his father's back that was between each shoulder blade. He became mesmerized by the scent of his father that waft through his nose. Detouring, he brushed his cheek from his fathers back to the mop of unruly hair nestled on his father's head and inhaled the scent.

'Mmmm... Smells like the outdoors and soap.'

He nuzzled his entire face into his father's hair. It was too tempting, not to. 'I never thought it could be this good? I wonder if Piccolo will let me do this too. Gee, I wonder what he would smell like? Different from my father or what?'

Coming up for a breather, his nose wrinkled from the strong scent, still.
Super hungry, needy and happy he stuck his tongue out to wet his dry lips. After rewetting them, he decided to make another path.
He dipped down so that he could give a quick wet lick to the already puckered skin which was alittle chapped. 'Later, when they were satisfied and at ease; he'll have to buy some lotion and give it to his dad to unchap the skin.'

'Oh, kami! Gohan doesn't realize what he's doing! How could i miss this?! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. A...aagghhh!!!'

The Earth warrior was conscious now compared to the first time this had happened and he knew now that his son didn't know this was wrong.

Goku arched away as he felt his son's tongue take a little lick of his neck. To tense to do anything, and physically fatigued; he quietly protested with his voice, hoping his son won't take his pleas the wrong way.

'Darn... Gohan ah!' He whimpered helplessly as his eldest son lapped at his flesh making him feel funny for the second time of the night. He could feel his loins tightening, liking the attention.

'Please don't let this happen again,' he begged to anyone who may hear his pleas. He hated his body; it was betraying him by making him needy and wanting when his mind begged for this to stop.
He was laid out helpless for his own son to do as he wished but maybe someone would come along and intervine, for both their sakes.

"You taste so good..." his oldest son purred "I could understand why mom would want you." A hot path of sloppy kisses trailed along the outward area of his shoulder to the crook of his neck "Anyone would want you if they could take a taste...anyone, tousan..."

"Go...han" Goku choked out, certain his throat was parched and tight.
'Kami..how can I get thru to him if I can't even get a whole sentence out?!' He squirmed, the heat building up inside. He was trying to fight the need and keep control. It wasn't working as he squirmed a bit more, wiggling his bottom which rubbed against the aching manhood near his thigh. He tensed.

"No Tousan. Be quiet. Stop making this so difficult. It doesn't have to be difficult... " the boy whispered harshly as he nipped at the patch of exposed flesh that was at the cord of his fathers neck. He rubbed his leg against his father's, releaving some pressure that built up.

Goku yelped outloud from the nip, only for the rest of his cry to be smothered by the carpet floor. Where the front of his face dug into, as he was pushed forward unpleasantly. He groaned in pain as he tasted each thread of the carpet, a metallic substance filling his mouth. His tooth's must of punctured the inner layer of his cheek or lip. Possibly the former since it tasted from the back of his mouth.

The boy behind him sighed, frustrated with how this was going. He took a deep breath, and found that the heavy scent was making it difficult for him to clear his mind, "Forgive me tousan. I didn't mean to behave that way. I really didn't." Gohan stopped a moment to recollect himself. He found holding his breath helped instead of breathing in the rich scent, "Don't worry, though..." he whispered suggestively "This really will help make the pain go away tousan... it will, you'll see," the boy soothed as he gently repositioned himself so that his weight lied directly on top of his father, blanketing him, "I promise it will," the boy purred as he bit down on the cord of muscle that he earlier licked.

Goku's body went rigid as he felt fangs pierce his skin. A
stark terror filled his heart and soul.

Gohan lapped hungrily at the copper texture that poured onto his tastebuds. He happily savored the taste of cinnamon and spice that seemed to be ever present in his father's blood.

'Mmmm...want more' He lapped greedily at the wound he created enjoying the red nectar immensly.

Goku shifted restlessly as much as he could from the position he was now in. He was still prone and still very very naked.

This felt wrong. Very very wrong. Just like when he awoke with his son touching him in places that shouldn't be touched by family memebers unless they were your spouse. But this! This was worse! It felt like his son had stolen something very valuable from him that had been buried deep within. That had possibly belonged to another, someone that shouldn't of been his son...but ended up as.

The raven-haired boy shifted again, his lips still latched onto his fathers neck, not wanting to break contact. This time around, he nestled atop so that his need pressed against the cleft of his fathers cheeks instead of beside his fathers outer thigh. Even though he did miss rubbing against his father's leg, he wanted to give his father pleasure, not just himself.
He then turned them, so they both lied on their sides. He tucked his knees behind his father's so that they were pressed tightly together.

'Oh look!' Gohan beamed, pleased with this discovery, 'In this position, he could move more freely compared to the other positions' he used when he had to hold his father down as he pleasured them both. Wow! This is very good,' Gohan thought to himself. Experimentally, he flexed his limb; relieved when he felt the blood circulate back into his vains. He then brought it up so that he could pet the wild mane that was tickling his right shoulder. Each strand was soft under his fingertips as he thread his hand threw the thick mane. He was once curious if his father's hair was as soft as his, for his father was a full saiyan and well he was only half saiyan and human. But now he knew.

He could just picture his mom playfully threading her delicate fingers thru each strand like himself. Her savoring the feel as though each strand was soft silk.'

'Mmmm, he could get used to this? He can just imagine how much joy his father was feeling right now. Especially with him paying so much attention to his needs that went unmet when his mom died. Poor dad...'

He breathed thru his nose, for a moment he felt a bit lightheaded. The only plausible reason was for the fact that he was to
caught up in this bliss to remember to breath as he gave pleasure and enjoyed the tasty blood.

His cheeks reddened when he realized that his groin was rock hard and surely his father's was too.

Gohan then gently yet slowly rocked his hips forward; his hard length squeezing between each cheek and soft flesh. He loved this feel of flesh against flesh, he realized as he rocked slowly forward. And right back to build friction. He learnt friction brought pleasure.

'He knows to be much more careful this time around. He had hurt his father the first time. He didn't mean to, though. He was very new at this but in a way it did help take the pain away that ripped his insides away.

He remembered accidentally stumbling upon Goten and Trunks at Capsule Corpation in the back, while he took a walk, thinking about how different it was without his mother and how hard it was on everyone especially his father. So instead of announcing he was there he secretly hid and watched. What he learned surprised him and gave him a great way to comfort his father. He wondered why he was the only one who didn't know this trick.

He watched how Trunks was able to soothe his little brother and make everything better. He stayed until he grasped the full concept then left. He was hoping it would help.

So he tried it out on himself. Afterwards, he felt a difference. A pleasant lightness that filled his being and kept the pain locked away, for awhile that is. He so wanted his father to feel this lightness. Just like he himself had and as well as his brother, Goten. But Goten had Trunk's. And he knew his dad didn't anyone after mom, so he volunteered himself to show his father this new discovery that will help ease the pain.

Gohan tore his mouth free from the wound he was savoring, noting that his pace had quickened almost franticlly while he was reminiscing.

'Almost there...'

He trailed his hand from his fathers hair to the mans cheek until his hand rested in front of the pink lips where he pushed one of his fingers into the warm wet mouth. Gohan sighed happily; his cheek nuzzling his fathers ebony locks.

Goku's eyes grew wide. He could feel the slick cock pressed against his cheeks sliding in and out of the crest between there. His eyes stung as he felt it rubbing against him, the head sliding slightly in the hole of his cleft, wetting his anus with pre-come.

He jerked wanting to get away but was still captive between the floor and his son. He clenched his fist to prevent any further movement on his part.

'What was he to do? How will he get out of this...'

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