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About Me

Name: Nicola or Nikora (in Japanese).

Star signs: (Western Zodiac) Cancer and (Chinese Zodiac) Yang Fire Tiger (very contradicting... Water and Fire O.o)

Location: UK, England. I'm English not British, lol.

Occupation: I'm a University student, doing a game design BA Multimedia course. I've just started my final year.

Interests: Drawing, video games, anime/manga, cosplaying, listening to music, chillin' with friends, and reading.

Likes: Cats, little bit of chocolate, tea, cute things in general.

Dislikes: Spiders, insects, being late, bananas...

Fears: I'm actually a little afraid of dogs... I didn't use to, I slowly started to become afraid of them over the past few years... Didn't help when a rottweiler charged at me and tried to get a hold of my arm twice, when I was walking down the street... That was the icing on the cake that did it for me.

Drawing: I've been drawing for quite a long time now, since I was about 10/11. What started me drawing was dinosaurs, I was obsessed with them, still am actually but not as much as then. I love to draw my own things/characters, I do draw the odd fanart now and then.

Pet peeve: I hate how, like on DA (DeviantArt), people mostly go for fanart. If it hasn't got anything to do with an already existing thing - film, game, etc, then its not worth bothering with... That gets on my nerves!

That's all I can think of for now.

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