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About Me

I'm 21!years old and have been drawing things (it started out as dolphins and marine life, as well as dinosaurs and big monsters and such - amazing how far one comes) for as long back as I can remember - but if you want to talk about when I was truly -serious- about it, I'd have to say more of late middle school throughout highschool and now. I attended college in Idaho at ISU for a semester before a financial crisis hit my family (my parents were cheated and as they were the way I was to go to college, I would have had no support so..nada on that) and I eventually had a break down one Saturday with my parents before going to work. So, I moved in with some friends, followed them to Florida and now I'm once again back in Colorado. Still with them and trying to figure out exactly where I am and who I am.

Interests are fairly simple - I'm not a huge gamer, but enjoy mainly the Final Fantasy franchise (FF7 especially) and the Dynasty Warriors series (but due to money things, I've been really limited lately as to what I can do). I've been learning table-top, paper and pencil RPG while I also RP on the 'net (though that has been lacking lately). Other than that I love to read, write, draw, watch anime, read manga and generally hole up in a corner. Smile

I've been largely self taught, art wise (the most extensive I "learned", honestly, was how to realistically shade an eye), so this means there'll be some really good and some really bad. ^^; I tend to think I make more really bad than really good so uh...if you ask me if I do commissions... I may just pass out. And laugh and find someone to tell me I'm not insane. I mostly draw originalish sort of things, and some of my friend's characters. I tend to doodle every day as well...>_>; Though if I had my way I'd be able to doodle, ink and color one thing all in one day so I didn't have so much left to catch up on. If you want to color any of my works, just ask. Smile Also, if you've read this far, my hat's off to you, I tend to type my stream of thought. XD

Shock. Commissions are open and in my journal on DA :

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