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About Me

From Childhood, The Celespra Warriors Are Told This Story, Which They Remember In The Art Of War:
“It Is Said That The Death Is Simply Another Face Of Beauty. For Nothing Is Beautiful Unless It Is Fleeting, And Nothing Can Be Loved Unless It May Be Gone. And Death Herself Loves Ultimately. And Out Of All The Creatures Great And Small, She Loves The Butterflies ?The Most. Because They Are Fragile Like Whispers, And Because They Give Pleasure To The Beholder, And Because They Are Lovely—Even When They Are No More.”

And Dat Is Da Reason I Love Butterflies.

But I Also Love Music, Movies, Anime & Manga And Da Dark - Goth Strikes Me - Life Amuses Me, Sometimes Ironically - Death Awaits Me, Just Like I Await Death - I Live For Now - I Love Poetry N Philosophy - I'm Obsessed Wid Books - And I'm Originally Genuine, Or Genuinely Original, Just Like Everybody Else...

I Am Idealistically Realistic, Passionately Ambitious, Surrealistically Artistic, Bordering On Eccentric To Neurotic, Curious, Indulgent And Yet Strangely Nonchalant, An Open Book And Yet Enigmatic - Distant And Aloof And Yet Near As Can Be; Love Da Written Word And Crave To Write, Passionately Into Music; Cringe At Typicality And Mediocrity, Spurn Da Condescending And Arrogant - Admire Da Knowledgeable And Presentable; I Don’t Mind If You Hate Me, I Don't Die For Your Adulation; I Am Not Easily Impressed, Yet Impressed By Everything: I Am Honestly & Sweetly Critical, And I Am Hard To Please, Yet Everything Pleases Me; Morbid And Melancholic, Sometimes; Nurture Friends In Need; Will Forgive But Never Forget, Even Though I Unusually Don’t Give A Damn; I Like Tea Better Than Coffee, Pepsi Better Than Coke; Da Sea Better Than Da Mountains, Dread Da Downward Slide; Optimistically Pessimistic; Yes, As You Might’ve Noticed, I Am Deliriously Poetic…

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