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What is cruel and makes creepy noises in the dark?


So, my name is Nono (yeah, really) and I'm a 17 years old girl. I live in Luxembourg and I'm "Studiing art at the LTAM ( In Luxembourg city. I've made now 2 years on this art school and I have to do 2 more years, then I'll make 2 extra years for Animation.

I'm member of a group of young artists from Luxembourg and at the moment we are planning an exhibition called "Mad in Luxembourg".

This year I also won the public price at the JuKoWo (Jugend Konscht Woch) also an exhibition for young artists. I won it with some of my water colour pictures.

Yeah I'm the man ^^ I told you this, to show, that I'm not a little girly who don't know what she's exactly doing. I'm only 17 years old but I have already my own visions and my own future. Life is short.

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Blog: I won?

Wow... I won the theme week contest....I didn't really expected that^^

I'm totaly happy about that! And now I also have something to write into my blog XD yeah great, double win ^^

So but now...I don't really have anything more to write so... I'll leave this first entry like this^^


Palim palim

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