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Hello, I'm an artist who uses this art site as a backup.

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Blog: Here some more update.

My house is restored from the fire a couple of months ago. Now, I’m in my house and I’m cleaning my living room but I have mixed feelings about coming back to DeviantArt. I have a VHS tape that needs to clean but I don’t want to clean it because it’s a wedding video of my parents. When it comes to weddings. I feel concern about myself because I’m in love with a math teacher and she’s married. And I’m in love with my former classmate and she’s probably married but I don’t know she married or not. I don’t know if she likes me romantically or just sees as a friend. I’m so hopeless when comes to love because my stupid mom won’t let me leave the house but my younger brother can. I don’t like this stupid double standard. Why my younger brother allowed to leave the house but I’m not? I AM FUCKING ADULT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!
No wonder I don’t give her gifts on any holidays nor birthday gifts because she treats me like a child. I’m sick and tired of my overly protective mother won’t let leave the house.
That’s it! I don’t fucking need a mom because I AM ADULT!
Screw Mother’s Day!
As for DeviantArt, I will come back to DeviantArt for debate but I need catch up with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or any shows for my debate because of somebody falsely accused me of being a bully, rabid brony and homophobe but she needs to learn the truth about me and the bully who attacked me not false about me and the bully.
I think I should catch up with MLP FIM instead because I don’t want to be sad about being hopeless at love.

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