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About Me

Dex is...
a Creator,
an INFJ Púca,
an Ageless Dreamer,
a Genderfluid Eccentric,
a Pagan Wanderer,
and an Eclectic Goth.

@};~ Pleased to make your acquaintance. ~;{@


Aside from the handles below, you can also find me at:

FurAffinity | Weasyl | Furry Network | SoFurry | Inkbunny | Tumblr | Instagram


As an artist's request...

Please do not trace, copy, color, alter, re-post or otherwise redistribute
my artwork without
my written permission to do so, as in turning a piece of art
you purchased or received from me into an icon and crediting me!

Please do not draw any of my (or my mate's) characters without my permission as well.

I would really appreciate the respect.
Thanks for your support!


Latest Art Submissions

Blog: Commission Status - OPEN

This is my new and improved price list for commissions.
Strictly digital art for the time being.

Flat Color:
[Example I] [Example II]

● Bust (head to pecs/breasts; maybe a hand) - $10

● Half-length (head to waist; possibly hips) - $25

● Full-length (self-explanatory) - $40


Full Color: [Example I] [Example II]

● Bust - $20

● Half-length - $35

● Full-length - $50


The prices above are for a single character. Additional characters are double/triple/etc. the base price. Pets/familiars are negotiable.

+$10-20 for extra details - $20 will be the case if two or more of the details listed are in the order. This includes, but is not limited to: intricate costumes, armor, body mass, excessive fur/scales, gore, and erotica.

+$20 for simple backgrounds - Backgrounds are not my strong suit, but I am willing to offer this additional detail.

Payment must be made up front via PayPal.

It will take me a minimum of 1 month to complete your commission, and I may surprise you with finishing it within that month. However, because life is a chaotic beast sometimes, it could take longer, but I will do my best to make sure it is done as quickly as I can. I promise to keep you completely up to speed with its progression and will send you screen shots as often as I can, or when asked. I am completely open to constructive criticism and encourage it when it comes to what you want to see in your finished piece.

I will require at least one picture reference of the/each character (the more the better!), plus a brief description of them and what you want to see them doing - expression, body language, etc. You may choose the pose if you would like, or I will find one suitable for your character(s). I will always send an initial rough sketch to cement a decision. Sketch reworks are free, but if I am mid-color and you want a rework, additional costs will be added for me to complete your piece.

Once the piece is finished, you will get a high-resolution file and my eternal gratitude. ^_^



If you are interested in commissioning me, or have any questions regarding my prices, email me -

wandering DOT decadence AT gmail DOT com


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