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I'm an information professional by trade and a maker by passion.  My current love is Fullmetal Alchemist, so be prepared to find a lot of fanfic and fanart for that series  Grin .  There's works in both the PaperDemon side and the Red Curtain side so please feel free to poke around both!

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Hi Dragonimp! This is the 1st time I've written anything in your chatbox. To be honest I didnt know you had one.

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Blog: On the last month or so

June was not a good month for me.  Nothing horrible from the outside, this was all me.  Just one of those months, I guess.  I had meant to catch up and get more active here and other places, but I was barely keeping above water.  July has been a little better, but still rocky.  It's getting there.

The job hunt is still taking up most of my time, and it's hard to settle to do anything that seems "frivolous". But I am hoping to devote some more attention to this soon.  I hope to be writing and drawing more, too, though the drawing is still going to be limited.  Most of my creative time has been going into jewelry making lately, anyway.  I didn't do too badly at Fanime, and I might expand out to some other nearby cons - I'll have to see what's nearby, of course Corky Smile .  Right now my focus is on my local Art Walk. It's in October, but there's a fair amount of prep I need to do for the display AND the stock.  But still, I could portion my time better.

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