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Okay, so suddenly I've become obsessed with Voldemort. Specifically, giving Voldemort more humane qualities.  Givin' the man some (muchneeded) love.
Other things I'm obsessed with? Barenaked Ladies. I will be going to the concert on the first of December. And then I'll type all about it here. I'm also obsessed with my website, with HtmL/CSS, and computers...and writing. I'm absolutly, positivly obsessed with writing.
I love to write. And role play. And type. Oh, Artemis, I adore typing. My Thesaurus is my friend. -eyes flick toward Roget's International Thesaurus. Fourth Edition. Which is next to Webster's New World Compact School and Office Dictionary. Which is next
Anyone who "hangs" with me knows I tend to get long winded. I talk too much, and I type too much. At times I have too much to say, other times I don't have enough.

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