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Please message me if you want to comission me; IMVU comissions should be sent in PM to my IMVU account.

personal Digital Comissions are closed at this time due to Tecnal issues; Payment information is being sortede out and may take soem time to be completed.

Voutchers are specal and are on a 8.5x11 fully color and full Back Ground imaes (unless specifyed otherwise) used for thanks or rewards they are only restricted only by site rules.


I hearby excesize my right to reject any Comission/Request I fell is in violation of the site's rules and or my personal values your request will be rejected if.

  • It is seen as violateing the sites terms of service, posting rules or laws of my area.
  • You present a risk of bailing out completly form the request.
  • You are currently under a block on one of my other accounts.
  • You're request contains materal that IS a degradeing form of emotional trama to another artist.

Comissions must be made of a profesional manner, Fanart is not considerd a appropreate comission type under my states jurisdiction. rather or not the comission by credits is subject to this rule is another matter, I will be looking into the matter n see how trade of credits instead of cash alters the deal.

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Blog: NEVER serch for my username in a serch engen...

It looks liek I will have to call an aturny about the recent discovery that a potentual employer cant find ny work using a serch engen I gave him driect links to my paperdemon but I was actualy denied beign highered because of the -dsgkjakjh- On the serch enegen. its gone too far. Its officaly hindered my emplouyement. seriosuly been over ten years thee f-- children need a spanking of the not plesant verity! Mad

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