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About Me

likes: candy, Mt Dew, kitties, anime/manga, yaoi, yuri, pickles, cigaretts, psychology class

dislikes: feet, smelly dogs, modern art, cigars, people, math class...

art style: anime, manga, furries

personality: bipolar, MPD, skitsophrenic, neurotic, OCD, etc.... but basically normal! Big Smile

I'm Bisexual and single, I'm into the punk/goth scene, and I dress and listen to music in it.... and I'm smart. So there. *sticks out toung playfully*

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Blog: new stuffs - writing!!

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I posted a few things I've written. It's all I had on this computer. I had better stuff on my desktop CPU, but my bastard of a landlord stole that, and I didn't have back up copies -_-... anyhoo... Check it out and give me feed back! Thanks! XD Heart

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