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1: A New Journey Begins
2: The Search for the Sage
3: The First Dungeon Awaits...
4: A Trap or a Clue?
5: Monsters and Stairs
6: A New Destination
7: A New Princess?
8: A Friend in an Unlikely Place
9: Newfound Information and a New Enemy
10: The Guardian Enters
11: A Flaw in the Spell
12: The Cloak of Truth
13: The Master Sword? And Another Link?
14: The Guardian Stone Demon?
15: The Adventure Continues...
16: The End of Link?
17: Another Meeting With Dark Link
18: It's Been Lava-ly Waiting For You
19: Have a Blast!
20: A-Banshee-Ment
21: A Wise Witch
22: Desert Sands
23: One of the Four Guardians
24: A Tomb of Death
25: An Elevator to the Heavens?
26: A Long Way From Home
27: Death and Despair
28: The Light Arrows
29: The Old Witch Returns?
30: The Next Destination Awaits...
31: A Town's Dark Past
32: A Traveler's Warning
33: A Bloody Guard
34: The Armor Comeths Alive
35: An Eclipsed Moon
36: Another Door, Another Room
37: The Guardian's Home
38: The Orb of Shadows
39: The Orb of Light
40: The Labyrinth
41: The Sorceress's Lair
42: The Warrior's Lair
43: The Revelation
44: Tears of the Ocean
45: Ethearal Jaunt
46: Rock, Paper, Scissors....Bomb?
47: A Blast From the Future
48: Entrapment
49: An Alliance Shattered
50: Agahnim's Shadows
51: Arrival Back to Lava
52: The Family History
53: Family Reunion
54: Deciphering the Past
55: A Castle of Nightmares
56: Towers of Terror
57: The Guardian Reveals the Past
58: Banishment

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