Saying 'Good-Bye'


Letting go of lost loved ones....


by ~ Lily B ~

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Saying ‘Good-Bye’



You came to me in a dream last night,
as monsters often do.
I didn't understand, at first,
the Boogey Man was you.
You gave me hope then broke my heart,
just like you'd done before.
I woke with tears upon my face
and cursed your name -- I swore!

So now I've got to ask you this,
and please don't take it wrong;
I need to let you go, at last,
if I'm to carry on:
"If I were you and you were me,
and you were left behind...
would you not want the grief to end?"
Well, darlin', that takes time.

I cannot have you haunting me
and driving me insane;
reminding me that you're not here
and won't be e'er again.
The loss of you is hard enough
to cope with every day.
So take these mem'ries with you now
and, please, just go away!

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