A DBZ Fairytale


A parody of the classical fairytales. Featuring Vegeta as prince Charming and Gogu as a 'damsel' in distress. Warnings: Shounen-ai, sappiness and lots of OOC.


by Tyrana

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Disclaimer:I don't own dragonball/Z/GT.They're property of Akira Toriyama,TOEI and Funimation.


Warnings:This is shounen-ai,which means male/male relationship,but without explicit sex.

It's an attempt of making a parody(PARODY,so expect a lot of OOC and don't take it too seriously) of the classic fairytales,so there are a damsel in distress(Well,not a damsel but a Goku in distress),prince charming,romance and sappiness,a witch,spells,a magic mirror...(All the fun appears in the next two chapters,so give it a try.) There will be many mistakes,cause english isn't my native language.Review and feel free to correct me(that will help me to improve my english) and tell me if this is a totally crap or not.

Enjoy it.


Chapter One : Of hideous bitches and true love

Once upon a time,there was a beautiful and strong warrior called Goku,who was tricked into a marriage with the screeching and horrid Chichi-witch.

He was very brave and had saved the earth and his friends' lives many times.And the only thing he had gotten in return was a selfish harpy,who spent the whole day bitching at him and complaining about what a worthless husband he was.
She didn't let him see his friends anymore and wanted him to stop fighting and to get a well-paid job, so she could buy expensive clothes and jewelry.

The only source of happiness since he got married was his son, Gohan.And, finally after five years, he managed to convince the Chichi-witch to let him visit his old fellows,so they could know his child.

When he arrived at his old master's house,a very bad and ugly man called Raditz, appeared suddenly and told Goku that his real name was Kakarot and that they were brothers.They were saiyans, born in a distant planet called Vegetasei and their pince,now at the service of an evil lizard,has commanded that he must join them in their wicked deeds.

Of course, our hero refused and with the help of his friends, got ridden of this ugly Raditz,who before dying,announced that within a year pince Vegeta would arrive to destroy planet earth.

The year had passed, and Goku and Vegeta met for the first time.They both were astounded at the beauty and courage of the other.It was love at first sight.But the sense of duty of our hero, and the coldness and pride of the prince were obstacles difficult to surpass to achieve their real happiness.And so they fought brutally as ruthless enemies, although in the bottom of their hearts they knew they were meant to be together.

Ater Goku killed the lizard, Vegeta was released from his enslavement, and he settled on earth to be beside his love, though he tried to hide his real feelings beneath a mask of hatred and despise.In his attempt to avoid the other saiyan ,he was trapped under the clutches of a blue-haired bitch.He was deceived by her fake smile and smooth ways,and though she could never compite with Kakarot's beauty , she was an amusing distraction.

When he realized that she was nothing else than a vain, heartless, and selfish harpy; it was too late.She was pregnant.She claimed that, being the father it was his duty to marry her.He refused but stayedto be with his son.And never again let the woman get near him.

Years had passed and after fighting many enemies, peace had return to earth.And everything would be perfect, if not for the fact that the prince still didn't dare to confess his feelings to his beloved.
They had become very close friends,getting to know each other better after spending most of their time together,training and talking.But the prince still was struggling with his arrogance and pride.  Those  were burdens very hard to get rid off.

Finally, the day would come that the prince let the past behind.He sent the following note to Goku:
'Dear Kakarot,there's something very important I have to tell you, something that will change our lives forever.Meet me tomorrow in the evening,by the lake.Your prince'.

When Goku read the note,he was ecstatic.Would this mean...?He wouldn't dare to hope that his feelings were returned.But he couldn't help feeling a wave of overwhelming happiness running through his entire body.He wanted to cry and laugh,sing and jump.He couldn't stop grinning like a maniac.When the Chichi-witch saw him glowing with pure joy, she was so enraged that she had to make him suffer,to twist his heart in her hands, to make him shed tears of blood.So she forbade him to get out of home,to keep him apart from the hideous prince.Oh yes, she knew where that happiness came from,his husband had been spending more and more time with Vegeta, and the prince had filled the emptiness that she had so patiently and carefully created in Goku's heart, after all this years.And she couldn't let this happen,could she?.So, after beating him with the ominous frying pan just because she was in the mood,she had threating him to keep him apart from his son if he would dare to disobey her command.And that was the ultimate weapon to defeat the most powerful being of the universe.
Goku was heart broken.He couldn't miss his date,his prince meant the world to him.But he didn't want to lose his dear son.He didn't know what todo.

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