The Nightmare


It's merely a poem I wrote when I awoke one night from a terrible nightmare. ^_^ I'm infact a very happy was not a happy dream.


by Huyana Jaganshi

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There's a place so dark, where mist overflows,
The darkness creeps, a cold chilled wind blows.

A black fog infiltrates, disguising the scars of my past,
The despair I experienced, it didn't seem to last.

In a sense, you really can't see your dreams,
An alternate universe, in a world unseen.

A bloodfest seemed to over come, acidic trait,
Beating out my eyes, at an astonishing rate.

A cold hand touches me, and I remember,
The cold heartless things, like snow in December.

There is not love in a place you don't belong,
And then there are times you feel all but strong.

But no matter how hard you might try,
In dreams it's possible to die.

Forcefully you give in to the power unwillingly,
You can't fight back, you can't even lose diligently.

You roll your dice, the final gamble.
You're playing dangerous games, to your feet you scramble.

And just when you thought it was over, and you won,
You wake to find that the nightmare's just begun.

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