Defiance (I Am a Victory)


Unless you consider vague references mature content. Anyone who can identify what I'm talking about in this generally wins kudos; if you can pinpoint the specific subject I'll do a sketch for you or discount a commission or the like. (Note that these corrospond to a mainly instrumental piece, and that I do not subscribe to the idea that all lyrics must rhyme and that a song must be symmetrical.)


by KnifeSmile

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Curl inside the twisting spine
Walk the spiral, know your lines
And even now it twists and twines
But it's not what you think it is
It's not what you wish it is
It is not the answer, no
It is a better question

Lying back, awaiting its touch
But not a caress, just the feeling
Of knowing the presence
Ancient wisdom deep in the grey
Wordless calling me guiding my way

When It has gone sometimes
I can't find it again
That's when the smouldering begins
And the Fire arises and curls within
A Silver Lake, Erebus
To shrieve me of weakness
It is not a punishment
It is a sacrament

I donned the Grey One's collar years ago
I will never relinquish it
I will fight and die to protect my access to It
I regret nothing
Long ago I chose this path
And I will never walk another

I ride the Dragon in the spiral storm-night
In the deep we go together forever along
And until you've gotten it right
Don't tell me that I'm wrong.

Knife-Smile Rides Dragons am I
This is my Name, given and taken
I am not a willless sop suffering for no gain
I am not a slave
I am not a tragedy
I am a victory.

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