My Only


Love and loss, for some people I suppose it is true that you only have one soul mate. This is how it feels when you lose it all.


by Frozen17

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"My Only" - Isaac P

Ive tried so hard....

I've never felt so real as when you
touched your lips to mine
and told me in nothing but a whisper
"You are my only..."

my only....

and it felt like I was risking my life
by telling you I was so in love with you
but I did it, and everything was okay
"You are my only..."

I felt so broken
the day you slipped away from me
the day I found out what its like
to die from the inside
"You were my only..."

I've tried so hard
to be...okay

I've tried so hard
to forget

I've tried so hard...

People here tell me Im doing fine
they say Im picking up the pieces
and that someday I will be okay
they dont know, do they?
you were my only...
my only love
my only friend
my everything (my only everything)

until the day comes
when I no longer breathe
I will love you
I will remember how it felt
to feel like I carried
the world in my hands

until the day I die
you will always be
my only...

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