To Smile Again


To Smile Again Chapter: Red as a tomato Abel grows bold and shows Corinna how to put some blush onto her cheeks.


by Antgirl

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 Red as a tomato


Celeste- Look at your cheeks Corinna! How do you plan on going out there looking like

that?! You need some red on those cheeks, come here.


Just when Celeste was about to pinch her cheeks his voice stopped her action.


Abel- Let me do it, please. I promise, her cheeks will be as red as a tomato when I’m done.


The maid looked at him surprised, thinking about what he said.


Celeste- Um.. Alright. Very well, I’ll let you do it. I’ll be waiting for you two outside then,



Corinna & Abel- Ok.


The maid stepped out the room and went down the stairs to the anxious guests who where

already demanding some attention.


Corinna- Why did you do that, Abel? I have to get ready for the reunion and she was gonna

help me with the make up!


Abel- Settle down, settle down. Why do you want to put all these things on you? You look

pretty without them anyway. I’m sure the guests just want to see the real you, just like I do.


The young girl’s eyes shimmered at the sound of those words. Her, pretty? She couldn’t

belive it. The sound of him moving closer to her startled her thoughts. She could only look at

him, puzzled, as he approached with a soothing soft look in his eyes, and then stopped in

front of her, staring right at hers.


Corinna- W-What is it?


Abel- Well, I have to fullfil my promise to Celeste, that’s all. I just hope this works.


He put his hand on her chin and raised her head just so that she could stare at his face. The

young girl’s heart was beating faster than one of a little mouse, when she realized he was

leaning closer to her. With his eyes closed he put his lips over hers, but she was too nervous

and surprised to respond to his affection.


Abel- Are you trembling? Ha ha ha. And I thought I was the shy one.


Corinna- Oh, you just took me by surprise that’s all I-I w-was….


Abel- Never mind. Mission accomplished.


Corinna- Mission accomplished? What do you mean, Abel?


Abel- Well, I did promise your cheeks would be as red as a tomato, and from the way I see it,

they are.


Corinna couldn’t help but blushing harder. She looked away, and lowered her head in

embarrassment, bearing a little smile on her face and letting out a short giggle.


Corinna- You really have spontaneous moments of overconfidence, don’t you?


Abel- Most definitely! So… when do you plan to get ready for the reunion? This year, maybe?

People are waiting for you. Knowing your mother she must be going crazy by now.


Corinna- You are absolutely right. I have to get ready, I’m really late. I have to get dressed.


The girl gave Abel a piercing look, a look that could even melt ice, but the boy didn’t seem to

quite grasp the meaning of it.


Abel- What? What is it? You’re scaring me.


Corinna- Don’t tell me you expect me to change my clothes with you watching me!?


His eyes couldn’t have opened wider than they did when she said that. She turned the tables

on him as he was the one blushing this time.


Abel- Oh! Right! I’ll leave you alone now, so you can, you know, g-get dress and all. Because

I just have to go downtairs anyway and….. You know what? I’ll just step out now, see you



When he finally stepped out of the room and went downstairs, the young woman couldn’t

contain her laughter. She was blissfully astounded by what just had happened. With a smile

on her face she opened the box containing the gown that she would wear for this special




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