Scattered Memories


Dreamz are lies made up by the mind to give us total control of the things that we wish that could happen...


by NegativeZero

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Everyday that passes by,
Id dream at being at your side,
But mai dreamz are another form of lies,
That keep mai mind entertained at night,
To tell you this and so much more,
What exactly am I waiting for,
To hold on to dreamz that wont ever come true,
Not being able to say those words to you,
Im gagged and broken and screaming out,
But you never thought to seek me out,
And in your memories Ill fade away,
Just as time passes everyday,
Thinking, turning, and slowly die,
As the last tear falls right from mai eyes,
And with mai heart mai love will send,
Those memories scattered within the wind.

© 2004 TimZ

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