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by SilveryStormWing

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You're Doing It Wrong

Chapter 1

Characters: Solomon, Vasya, Teacup, Bozhi, Petar


“No, no, you can’t draw runes like that! That’s horrible!”


Solomon glared at the student in front of him, very, very annoyed. It was bad enough that someone had actually decided to respond to the training offer his higher ups had made him put out, but what made it even worse was that an incompotent chick was the only one that had shown up. He was both mildly insulted and delighted that his reputation was so terrifying that even at the opportunity of becoming a runesmith, people were too scared of him to try. 


The youngster, Bozhi or whatever, flushed and muttered an apology, bowing her head lower over the piece of paper she was trying to write runes on. Solomon stared in a annoyance at the sloppy lines, then reached over and snatched the pen from her hand. 


“Look, you’re never going to improve if you don’t ask how to improve and just continue on doing as before. That’s apparently a definition of sanity, and I’m proud to say it doesn’t apply to me.” He grinned cheerily and was amused to see her fight down a flinch. Actually, he might have to do this more often… the other operatives in the shop had gotten rather used to his appearance by now, even if he did manage to scare them every so often. 


He briefly looked up as Vasya moved out from behind the counter, their familiar floating grumpily alongside them. Glancing at the door to make sure that there was actually someone there and she wasn’t making a run for it(there was someone there), he turned back to Bozhi. 


“Now look. The way you were doing it is, mmm ‘fine’, and can actually work at times.” he tugged out a clean sheet of paper and began to trace an illusion rune on it, focusing closely. He imitated the style Bozhi had been using, all blocky shapes and thick lines. The paper flickered, and turned pale blue. 


“See? It has an effect, even though,” he picked up the paper and waved it around, illustrating how the illusion didn’t do so well in motion, parts of the disillusioned paper glitching through as the page rippled, “it’s weak.


“Now, the proper way to do runes is much like calligraphy. You have to mimic the thicknesses in the lines to the highest degree, and you cannot be sloppy.” He slowly traced out another illusion rune on a different sheet of paper, being exact in his detailing and proportions. The paper turned the same shade of pale blue as soon as he was done, and he picked it up and waved it around, and he was gratified to see Bozhi’s eyes widen slightly as she saw the difference. There was very little of the original “material” showing though this time, and the illusion moved smoothly with the paper. 


“See?” he said cheerily. 


Bozhi nodded mutely, dark eyes wide with interest. Solomon signed exasperatedly. 


“You’re supposed to say ‘yes’ or ‘impressive,’ something like that.” 


“Uh, yes, very good, very impressive?” 


Solomon rolled his eyes. “That’ll work for now. Now, try to set this piece of paper on fire with a fire rune. Don’t set the table on fire though, it’s a pain to replace anything in this shop.” 


Bozhi nodded mutely, looking thoughtful as she picked up the pen that Solomon had stolen from her. Solomon raised his eyebrows and gave her a prompting look. 


“YES,” she yelped, apparently terrified by his expression. Solomon just grinned, feeling the scars stretch on his face. 


“Solomon! You won’t believe it, but there’s someone else to see you!” 


Solomon glanced up, and blinked inquisitively at Vasya. The tea shop owner was enthusiastically dragging some kid along, with Teacup lurking behind them, as always. Solomon got the feeling he was being glared at, and gave the floating teapot a dirty look before turning back to Vasya. Behind Vasya, Teacup spat out a small plume of smoke, and Solomon resisted the urge to snicker. 




“This is Petar, and apparently they’re here to do runes too!” Vasya clasped their hands in delight. “Isn’t it nice to be making friends?” 


“Friends,” said Solomon, eyeing the youngster who currently looked like he wanted to be anywhere else in the world. “Sure.” 


“I was just wondering if anyone more of your friends would turn up, and I noticed Petar at the door! I wondered if they were alright, because they kept almost touching the door and then pulling their hand back, but it turns out they were only nervous! Who could be nervous meeting you, you’re so nice?” Vasya patted Slomon’s shoulder, and he smiled charmingly, then they wandered off to talk to the other customers with a “have fun!” 

As Vasya and Teacup moved off into the shop, the smile on Solomon’s face changed from vaguely pleasant to something much more feral. The new person, Petar, actually took a step back, eyes widening in fright. 


“Oh, sit down!” Solomon grinned evilly, absolutely delighted at the reaction. “You’re here to learn, aren’t you? Besides, despite what you may have heard about me, I only hurt people if they give me a reason, and so far, you haven’t.” 


Petar slowly sat down in the chair next to Bozhi, then did a double take. 


“Oh, you’re here too?” He said interestedly. 


“Yeah,” Bozhi grumbled. “Stupid-ass Vlas has been after me lately, and I am going to show them-” She glared murderously at the smoking paper with the multiple attempts at a fire rune on it, and Solomon was mildly impressed by the anger the small chick was radiating. 


“Isn’t he always after you?” Petar asked. Solomon sat back quietly, content for now to watch the two and learn more about them. 


“Yeah, but this past week-” Bozhi rubbed tiredly at the bags under her eyes and tucked some hair back behind her ears. “I don’t know. It’s like someone’s lit a fire under his ass to make me drop out, or something. That is why I’m going to show him, I’m going to show all of them that I am Talon material-” she trailed off, fuming, and Solomon was about to comment when he noticed someone who was not on his “approved customer” list enter the shop. 


He idly slipped a long blade out from his coat and leaned against the wall to watch as the new customer slowly entered the shop, and as soon as he caught the person’s eye, Solomon put on his best mildly menacing smile. Just enough teeth showing to be creepy, but not enough to be overly threatening. 


As silence descended at his table and Vasya appeared to rescue the flustered customer, he glanced at Petar and Bozhi to see them watching him with absolutely bug-eyed expressions of terror. He blinked at them, bemused as he absently twirled the very sharp knife(he had just sharpened it that morning when another unapproved customer had come in) around his fingers in a show of dexterity. 




Annoyingly, neither answered immediately, which just made him give them an annoyed look, which made them go even more pale. Solomon sighed and decided that he had broken them, and went back to staring at the customer as they waited for Vasya to prepare their tea. To his delight, they kept glancing at him with increasing levels of worry until their tea was done, then they grabbed the to-go cup and all but ran out the door. 


With a sigh of disappointment, Solomon slipped his knife back into his coat. Pity none of the fun ones came around anymore. They all appeared to be actual customers nowadays, instead of the agents-or-family-in-disguise that had been so fun to deal with in the earlier years. Except for that one… he frowned at the memory unhappily. He had killed someone, and then Vasya had tried to stab him, even though he had been protecting them. He was rather glad that they had forgotten that incident. 


He shook off the unhappy memory and turned back to his two subjects- no, students. To his continued bemusement, they now looked relieved and had slumped back into their seats. 


“What?” he asked again, starting to get annoyed now. If they were going to act like chickens and randomly freeze from terror, he was going to return them, no matter what his superiors said. 


“Knife?” Petar managed in a strangled voice. 


What?” Solomon squinted at the two. “Wait, you thought I was going to kill you?” he let out a rather unsettling laugh that made the talon a table over twitch and nearly spill their tea. “Nah, that’d be boring, you two wouldn’t be much of a challenge. `Sides, you haven’t given me a reason to yet.”


Bozhi and Petar both shared a glance, obviously not reassured by this piece of information. Solomon frowned at the vaguely smoking paper as teacup floated over, apparently attracted by the smoke. Bozhi yelped and nearly fell out of her chair as the familiar floated past her face to examine her slightly smoking piece of paper. 


“Are you trying to set it on fire? I could set it on fire for you! That’d be fun.” 


“No, Teacup, I’m trying to teach them how to set it on fire themselves. They can’t always have you around to do it for them.” 


Teacup puffed out a gout of smoke at him and Solomon just grinned cheerily. 


“Teacup! Don’t be rude. Now, seeing as it’s lunchtime, would anyone like something to eat?”


“Yes,” both Bozhi and Petar said in unison. 


“No,” said Solomon with a glare that silenced the two teenagers. They both gave him wide-eyed looks and he resisted the urge to shake them and tell them he wasn’t going to murder them if they learned. If they kept this up, however, well, all bets were off. 


Vasya glanced between them, looking confused and hurt. 


“They can eat once they’ve managed to correctly draw a fire rune,” Solomon amended, not liking the hurt expression they were sending his way. Also, Teacup had moved under the table, and he felt something warm against his shoe. He admired the teapot’s methods, but these shoes were expensive, and if they turned out scorched… 


“Alright!” Vasya brightened immediately. “And in the meantime I’ll serve you three some tea. Usual for you?” Solomon nodded, and Vasya turned towards the two teens. “And what will you two have?” they beamed. 


“Uhhh,” Bozhi muttered, with a cornered prey stare, “I’ve never. Really had it much before? So, whatever you think I’ll like.” Vasya looked absolutely delighted, and Solomon relaxed and sat back a bit as he tried to shove the stupid flaming teapot away from his shoes without Vasya noticing. 


“I like mint with honey,” Petar said slowly. Solomon smelled a lie and gave the 18 year old a bemused stare. Why would anyone lie about what tea they like? It’s tea. To his amusement, Vasya was also giving Petar a disbelieving stare. 


“...Are you sure? You seem more like a chamomile person.” 


“I- uh- sure?” Petar looked completely freaked out by the looks he was getting, and seemed willing to do anything to stop the two creepy people from looking at him like that. 


Vasya nodded contently, then turned around and puttered off behind the counter, humming. Solomon finally managed to shove teacup out from under the table, and hissed at the stupid familiar. Teacup hissed right back, then floated off after Vasya to heat off the tea. He turned back to his subjects- no students- okay, whatever they were subjects- and eyed them with exasperation. 


“So, I’m going to assume that you,” he pointed at Petar “have absolutely no experience with runes and have the handwriting of a drunk monkey?” 


“Uh- yes?” 


Solomon rolled his eyes in distaste. “You expect me to teach you without you having any prior knowledge? Of course you do. Absolute idiots, the lot of you.” He eyed the paper Bozhi had been writing on with distaste. It was smoking from failed rune attempts, but didn’t seem to be doing much else.  “Still no fire?” 


“I’m trying,” she snarled, then paused, eyes widening. “Oh, no I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”


“Aaaaand here’s your tea!” Vasya came to her rescue with a big smile and was somehow balancing three teapots, three tea cups, and a plate of cookies to boot, without dropping anything. Teacup floated over, balancing a small bowl of sugar cubes on her neck and back and looking very mad about it. Solomon resisted the urge to laugh at the obviously annoyed familiar, he had a feeling that if he did he would soon find his clothing on fire. 


“Thank you,” he told Vasya as they plunked the teapots and cups down onto the table “A- watch the paper please.” He quickly tugged some pages out from under a teapot, looked at them for a second, then, sighing, stuck them under his arm. The indignities I suffer, he grumbled internally. He gave the cookies an inquisitive look, and glanced up at Vasya, raising an eyebrow. 


“There for all of you to share, you can bond over them!” Solomon blinked slowly, then as soon as Vasya’s back was turned, stole the plate of cookies and stuck one in his mouth. 


“You two,” he said to their plaintive looks, “can have some when you can actually set a piece of paper on fire.” 


“I have a lighter-”

“Lighters are cheating. You came here to learn runes, and the best way to learn is to have motivation to learn. Got it?” 


Grumbles of assent reached his ears, and Solomon sat back with a grin. This could be fun


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