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by LadyLesednik

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From the sky above, the harpias eyed the cracked and dry wasteland below them. Where once there was a beautiful life bringing river, there was now only dirt, drier than a desert. As far as the eye could see, was nothing but dry cracked dirt, dead trees and barren shrubs. Fishing was obviously out of the question, but perhaps this trip wasn't for naught. Perhaps something of use could still come from the dead land. With that thought in mind, the trio of harpias landed in the former waterway, marveling at the walls of the now canyon that towered above them. After their brief admiration of the land, they began splitting off to investigate the various things that had caught their attention from their original aerial view.


Jake immediately went for the largest crack in the dry riverbeds cracking ground. From above he saw something glittering inside, and he wanted it. He did a few hops around the crack, his head tilting this way and that as he pondered how best to get to whatever this glittering object was. He decided to break at the hardened dirt with his beak and talons, chipping away at it to try and make a hole large enough for his beak to fit inside. Unfortunately, however, that did not seem to be working as after what he felt was long enough to warrant serious progress, he'd only managed to get dirt all over his tongue. He gave a huff of frustration as he pondered over what might work. It was then that he had a light bulb moment, and he looked over to Smokey. Being younger, Smokey was overall smaller. He called out to the younger harpia, calling him over and explaining what it was he needed the younger male to help with. Smokey was eager to agree, in exchange for Jake going to finish what he'd started, to which Jake also agreed. With that, Jake headed in the direction Smokey had come from, leaving the younger to figure out the shiny object dilemma. Smokey tested the hole with his beak, trying to determine if he needed to extend it and if he did, how much. Thankfully, however, his beak slipped in with ease. The unfortunate part was he couldn't see what he was doing, so he bumped his beak around in the hole blindly, attempting to locate the shiny object. He caught something in his beak and delightedly pulled it out, only to find he'd caught a tree branch. Smokey threw it to the side and went back in, rooting around in the hole once again until he felt beak clamp down on something again. He was sure, this was it. He yanked out his prize and dropped it to the cracked earth with a victorious cry, flapping his wings in victory as he marveled at his prize.


Jake pranced around the extraordinarily large bug hill. It came all the way up to his stomach. Jake mused over whether it would be better to try to go in from the top or knock the thing down like a wrecking ball made of harpia. After a bit more deliberation, he decided to wrecking ball the hill. He pulled back his foot and wham! Forward he kicked, knocking a chunk of dirt loose from the hill. If a bird could frown, Jake was. He was not willing to accept defeat so easily, and began to repeatedly kick at the hill, watching chunks fall and crack until finally, with one last crack creeping up the tower, it collapsed on itself, leaving a pile of dirt and rubble. Jake lifted his head high as he toted his victory for a moment before beginning to rummage through the wreckage of the once impressive bug-mansion. He shifted chunks of dirt this way and that as he looked for any hidden goods inside of the bug hill. Suddenly as he sifted through the dirt, his talon clicked against something that wasn't dirt. He eagerly sped up his sifting, trying to locate whatever it was that he had found. He was sure that it would be good! What were those dirty little bugs hiding?


Flurry took a different approach than the two younger males. Instead of locking in on something from the sky, he decided to let fate lead him where he was meant to be on this day. He wandered along the cracked and barren river bed, kicking his feet lightly to draw up small dust clouds, and check for hidden treasures beneath the layer of loose dirt. Nothing came of it, however, and he decided to turn his attention elsewhere. It was then that he spotted the goal of the evening, a large tumbleweed made of bramble, clumps of dirt, and a few random bits and pieces. Inside, however, he thought he saw a glimmer. Perhaps glass, or a jewel. With that thought, he set about attempting to break through the tumbleweeds defenses, yanking out branch after branch, but seemingly making no progress. With growing frustration, Flurry grabbed the tumbleweed in his beak and shook it violently, as he would prey, sending branches and dirt flying to the wind. He dropped the remaining bunch to the ground, shifting through the wreckage until he finally located it. His haul for the day.


Reuniting was an energetic endeavor as the two younger males playfully competed to show off their prize first. Flurry sat quietly and let them work it out, not really having the desire to compete with Jake and Smokey. Once things were settled (Smokey had won), they each took their turns showing off what it was that they had gotten from the no longer a river. One by one Flurry appraised the items value to their flock, giving a nod of approval to both of the objects the younger harpias had scavenged. It was certainly a good, useful haul that would provide many benefits to their flock. Truly, it had been a good day. Now it was time to fly back home.

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