Watching Wisps Dance


Pip and Prime are hunting for wisps when they realize the ghostly creatures are as beautiful as they are mysterious.


by FizzGryphon

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The darkness of the night seemed to close in on the pair of Stryx as they wandered into the woods. Prime, a large jay nox harpia with blazing streaks of red through his feathers, took the lead. He was unafraid, but cautious, if only to ensure that nothing would threaten his mate. Pip was the larger of the two birds, but her uncertainty at this time of day made her appear smaller than she would have been otherwise. Her brilliant canary feathers were unmistakable, but she did her best at the moment to hide them.


The Haunted Woods was no place for the faint of heart, but neither bird could be described in this way. Although Pip was cowering slightly in the darkness, it was less out of fear and more because she couldn’t see well in the dark. Her mate was guiding her, his sharp blue eyes able to make out the finest of detail even in the darkening black as they moved further into the woods. What they were seeking here, however, was not herbs or scavenged supplies; it was something far more mysterious… and far more dangerous.


Suddenly, Pip startled. In the pitch black, a blue glow suddenly sprung up ahead. It’s light flitted back and forth, hardly able to be seen clearly even though it radiated its brilliance through the dark. Prime shifted, his tufts of feathers perking up. “Shh,” he warned his mate softly. He slowed, making sure to quiet his footsteps to the best of his ability. Pip followed suit. The two harpias crept stealthily forwards towards the glowing light. It settled onto foliage beneath a gnarled tree, where in its momentary stillness, the two Stryx could finally tell what they were looking at.


It was a bird wisp of some kind. From first glance it looked to be a corvid, with its long beak and broad wings. It was completely unaware of the larger birds stalking it, preening its ghostly glowing feathers without a care in the world. Prime grew so close that the light of the blue wisp danced in his eyes, and just as he reached out to grab it, it spotted them. The raven wisp scrambled upwards, letting out a ghastly, echoing caw. It took flight and continued to scream, making the forest suddenly come alive with sound and light. The wisps here were like fireflies now, but much larger and much brighter. They lit up the whole woods with their glow, and Pip looked up with wide, fascinated eyes. Prime pulled her to his side with one wing, knowing that this was a rare instance… but a beautiful and dazzling one. In each other’s company, they watched the wisps dance.

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