Silver Moon


preview of a story I'm writing just wanna know what you people think of it!


by rasilverstorm

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As we race through time and space we find many suns similar to ours. Around one of those suns, passing it by, we find a small planet. It is beautifully green and blue seen from above. As we pass through a few clouds we see the sparkling rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. Also we find grass clad plains, deep green/purple forests and high snow clad mountains. As we look even closer we find creatures inhabit this planet. Some of them looking a lot like Earth’s creatures even similar to humans, yet different due to their pointed ears as if they are elves. These beings have been living in harmony with their surrounding for ages now, yet a dark cloud is passing overhead. As we look at the sky we find many strange objects coming down from it landing on the wide planes. The creatures that come out of these objects are called Sehritans and are in search for the riches of this planet for their home planet. As the Sehritans swarm the planet, many of the original beings try to defend it. Yet it seems in vane. As everything seems lost, they flee to the forests and high mountains...

Chapter one

It has been 60 years since the arrival of the first Sehritans. All the land has been taken by them, except for one single forest. They fear the forest, for it is enchanted in a way they never met before... The name of the forest is Emronahr, which means in the local tongue “forest of thousand dreams”. In this forest the Median and their wolf-like companions called Silvhan have lived for ages.

Merinja one of the Median wakes up with a snap from her slumber. Her companion Threim looks up from his sleep. Merinja knows she has been called to the counsel. Quickly she rises and puts on a tunic, a pair of pants and soft leather boots. With Threim following her she rushes through the wood to go to the meeting.

As they run over the path they meet many of their kind going towards the meeting too. In the old days there where only Median living in this forest, along with the forest animals, but now all of the remnants from the plains and some of the mountains live here as well. The path ends near a huge tree, this tree is right next to a clearing which is used for the meeting. Merinja walks into the clearing quickly followed by Threim.

She greets the head of the council in the way her people had always done, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and walking over to the place she normally sits. The head waits till all of the people called for the council sit down on their proper places. “By this I’d like to call this meeting opened,” he proclaims when everybody is seated. “As we all now know we’re under heavier siege than ever by our enemies, although they still fear this forest, nobody knows when they’ll find a way to break our magic and conquer our last refuge!” A rush of whispers is heard. “Please remain calm. As promised we are still experimenting on new races to help us in our pledge for survival.” The man grows very silent for a moment. “I like to give word to our dear friend and inventor Tharr.”

A young man with half-long black hair and dark brown eyes stands up from his seat. “Fellow defenders! As promised we’ve been busy on developing a new way of defending. We managed finally to find a midway for us; the blood of the Median and Silvhan has proven to be able to mix.” Tharr pauses for a bit. “We like to introduce to you the first of this kind; Silver Rager.” Tharr walks to a space at the side of the clearing. When he comes back he’s followed by a male and female. At first site they look a lot like ordinary Median, but with blond hair and dark blue eyes, which are rare among normal Median. When coming closer you can see their build somewhat lighter got a bit more rounded ears and they both got something very wild over them.

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