a little drabble (127 words, Vegeta, Goku) I tried to do it with exactly 100 words, but at the end it came out with 127. I would so much like to write a long fanfic, because there are so many ideas swirling around in my head, but first, I haven’t much talent for writing, second, a day has only 24 hours and third, I couldn’t write in English, because I’m German and I’m not good enough to write in a foreign language. But maybe someday…


by Yuuki

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Right now, he was in the mood to kill. He had stayed calm for too long. Concentrating, he finally released a small well-targeted ki blast, lightening the surroundings. He couldn’t help but smirk triumphantly, when the monster disintegrated into nothingness.




So Kakarott must have sensed his energy spike during his sleep and was now full awake, alarmed and watching him with curiosity.


“Kakarott, it’s nothing. Go back to sleep.”


Those earth flies were just too easy to kill, nothing like the fast insects he remembered from his home planet. But anyway, their persistent humming could be a big pain in the ass, especially when you try to sleep.


The smaller Saiyajin cuddled next to his mate and both of them drifted back to a peaceful sleep.

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