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In Time

by Narutonaruto0

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This is what the futue desendents will do and they go back in time

Chapter 1, Chapter 1 The Age Of Time

                                   Ch.1 The Age Of Time

It has been 200years since the rule of naruto as hokage. And much has happened…..the village was destroyed….the last people of the village hidden in the leaves are 5 children. Robis the leader is a robot and is very powerful. Mica is a descendent from the medic ninja Sakura, Kia is a descendent from Sasuke, And the rest are normal. And the rest are normal.                         


Robis: we must ack we must ack quick we do not have much time.

Mica: but we are only kids what can we do?
Kia: We are going to do some thing I just know it!
Robis: We can use the forbidden Jut-su.
Kia: NO we must never use that Jut-su.
Mica: but it is the only way so we must.

Robert: Yah we need to it is the only way to save the village.


Yaku: but us two will stay to make sure things are fine here.

Robis: then lets do it!
All of the three at once: Time warp Jut-su!

Narrator: they go through a time warp that goes back to when naruto became a Geign.

Naruto: oh yah I’m going to be A Ninja! Yah!

The three of are heroes are in a different squad than naruto, but are friends with naruto.

Robis: we are Squad #13 and our sense will see us soon.
Naruto: you three your sensei late to!?
Mica: yes he is to.
Sakura in her mind: that girl seems like some one I know.
Kia: here they come now.
Kakashi: Squad seven I’m your sensei.
Leot: squad 13 I’m your sensei.
Robis: ok so now what?

That’s the end of chapter one might be short but in the next one the gangs get new responsibilities.

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