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Hades's Story

by Cokekitty

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This story is about Hades and his struggles to win Persephone's heart. There may be mature content in the future, but for now, it's safe.

Hades's Story

By: Katherine O. Stears
- Chapter 1
It never fails.  No matter how much I think about it, I still cannot figure out what had happened.  I can only last remember sitting on my throne, only my Cerebres’s infuriated howls to accompany me.  I was bored, as I usually was before meeting her.  I sat alone, not really thinking about much of anything except for how bored I was, and suddenly, I felt a slight sting that surged through my entire body, swallowing me whole and filling me with a light I had never before known.  It seemed to take hours of pain and pleasure, confusing me, hurting me, and at the same time, it seemed to piece together a part of me that had long ago broken.  And it left as quickly as it came.
          Coming back to earth, or technically Hades, seeing as that’s where I really live, I looked about and noticed that at some point during the whole episode I had stood up, but then had fallen onto my knees.  Confused, I picked myself back up and fell to my throne again.  I stared at my desolate kingdom, and realized how terribly dark and monotonous my land was.  Of course, it was the Underworld, but it still seemed to be missing something.  Or really, I seemed to be missing something.  I wasn’t sure what, but something in me told me I’d find it on earth.  So, without arguing with my subconscious, I snatched my spear and climbed into my iron chariot, and set off to the world above, not really sure of where I was actually going.   
          Soon after trekking about, I came across a vast field of flowers and for some reason unknown to me I stopped and climbed out of my chariot.  I gazed onto the field and saw someone in the distance.  A woman.  Right then something in me contorted. And soon I felt a feeling I had never even before known – Love.  Lust, even.
Studying her, I could tell she was the one.  The one I had to be with.  It was my destiny, my fate!  She was unbelievably beautiful, with black hair that cascaded past her small shoulders, covering her right eye as it did so.  She was sitting upon her knees, picking violets.  For whom, I did not know, nor did it matter to me. 
          She glanced at me, and I saw her features even more clearly.  Dark brown eyes, mysterious as the cosmos themselves.  Pale skin, begging for touch.  My touch.  Lips as red as blood, shaping themselves into a small ‘O’ of surprise.  I stared at her in amazement and she, me.  Until silently, breaths of words escaped her.
          “Who…who are you?” She whispered into the air, and then and there I was assured that she must be mine.  Without a moment of hesitation, I grabbed my spear from the chariot and thrust it, point down, into the ground, creating a portal to Hades, my home.  And soon hers as well. 
          “Dear woman!”  I called out, “Come with me and I shall make you my bride!  And I promise now to fulfill your every command to my greatest extent!”
          She stood, but hesitated.  I began to worry, and immediately she took to the hills opposite of me.  I panicked, and ran after her.  Wrapping my arm around her waist, I grabbed her and dragged her down with me into my land.  My home, and her future.

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