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The rest of the Warrior

by Lilimayhem

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Another translation from another group from Québec 'Mes aieux' .Yeah i love music from home. The lyrics of this song touched my heart i had to sit down and listen to it again...I tried to translate the feeling...i'm curious as to see what feeling these lyrics touched in you.

The rest of the Warrior


Walking for hours on end in the forest

Breathing by the nose and never turning back

Putting a feet in front of the other to find a resting place

Creating the frontiers of your new world


At dusk reaching a clearing

Volunteer hermite from hell escaping

Saying a prayer and making a fire

Drinking for the first time from the river


Unfolding the linen to create shelter

Breaking the silence with a strong scream

Yelling to hear the echo

and counting the stars lying on your back


Bathing in the light of an aurora borealis

Realising that beauty is sidereal

Slowing the rhythm of this crazy race

Being crazy for a moment for no goal no reason


Feeling the wind caressing your face

Adjusting your gaze and melting in the landscape

Adding seconds to the movie of your life

Purging your mind and falling asleep


Plunging in the lake of Morpheus

Seeding the earth where ideas are born

Hunting the moose in his home

and smoking from Manitou's pipe


Singing the rabbit, the fox and the wolf

Wobbling toward the wolverine's hide

Playing games with a leprechaun

Walking in the firelight's cave


letting poetry be the master of your life

Walking out in the morning and accepting death

Living life without thinking of tomorrow

Going straight north toward your destiny...



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