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At the End of the Night

by Brethesen

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I was listening to some sad songs, like In This Serenity by Mayumi Gojo and Wilder Wein by Rammstein and i got compelled to try to beat their lyrics... Needless to say, it didn't work out... Poem is somewhat based to Ragnarök Online - game

Thorugh the night,
a strange howling of wolf's pierces,
making the loss to be known,
the forest has turned silent,
everyone is listening,
to the choir of saddness,
every other sound supressed by the silence.

Alone i stand on this celestial ground,
watching over the dark forest,
above me,
the stars are crying,
and the dark sky is filled with shooting stars.

White half-moon,
reveals the choir of wolf's below me,
the armor i wear glimmers,
and shines in moon's silver light's,
the spear i carry,
now impaled to the ground.

Deep in the water,
we once wrote our oaths,
and the crimson cape i wear,
the same color as our blood,
as we shed it for eachother,
but no more.

Under the guiding light,
i look up,
and let the tears fall,
i close my eyes,
and wish,
that you would be here once more.

For so long have i yearned for you,
after you were gone,
no ease,
no forgiveness,
until you will be at my side.

At the end of the night,
i'll wait for you...

Here i will wait,
for your return...

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