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Vegeta bumps into a Namekian baby and finds out a secret behind the green child. For Piccolo fans too.

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Chapter 1, Meeting A New Visitor

A few stuffages you don’t really need to know but it’s up here anyways.


If you don’t like Piccolo or Vegeta, you shouldn’t read this. It’s non-yaoi. I’m always open to comments and anything you might think I could work on. If you got any of those stupid ass comments like ‘You suck, so does Piccolo’ Hold your damn tongue and I don’t give a shyt and reading this is your choice. (I hate people who have no life) LoL, If I don’t update, send me a threaten e-mail. LoL, but I’ll try to remember to give it a look at. Thanks.




Pikkoro-Chan – Meeting A New Visitor






Vegeta’s fist flew through the air. Goku, or as he called him, Kakoroto, wasn’t going to beat him this time.




“Vegeta!! When will you stop training and come out for that little hole!?” Bulma screamed from the computer room in Capsule Corp. A screen with her image appeared inches away from Vegeta’s face.




He spat back, “Stop bothering me you damn onna!!” Vegeta squinted his eyes from the bright light emitting from the screen. Powering a small energy blast he threw it against the screen, watching it break apart. “Women on this planet are more work then they’re worth.” Smirking in satisfaction he continued his training. Bulma stood shocked in surprise by the console.




“He thinks he can play dirty does he!?” Her anger taking her over she pushed a few buttons and smiled at her work. As Vegeta dodged a counter attack from one of the training robots, the power went out. Unable to see, he was hit by the attack and lost balance in the gravity-deifying capsule.  Falling to the floor, Vegeta attempted to reach the gravity machine. He was took far to get to it.




“What the hell!?” Vegeta looked around himself for any major power levels.  He then released no one was that stupid and his mate was getting back at him for earlier. He blew up to Super Saiyan level, furious. The sides of the space ship started to collapse on themselves and soon the metal and iron making the gravity machine were blown to nothing as Vegeta screamed.




“DAMN YOU WOMAN!” Not totally knowing exactly how much his strength had increased during the past few months he only noticed that the gravity room had been complete destroyed after the smoke had cleared. He smirked. ‘My training is paying off, soon Kakoroto will be begging on his knees… But now that woman has made me blow up my gravity room, I’ll be forced to train else where until the old man re-builds the damn thing.’ Floating back to the ground he stared at the side door of Capsule Corp. It opened and closed as Bulma walked through it. She laughed at the stubborn prince. Being unable to tolerate someone laughing at him Vegeta grabbed Bulma’s wrist tight and pulled her close to him.




“Listen! Tell your old man that he has 2 days to fix this piece of junk!” Throwing her aside he stormed off.




“Where do you think your going!?” the blue-eyed woman demanded, placing her hands firmly on her hips.




“I’ll be training else where so I don’t have you bothering me!” And with that Vegeta flew off.






            Landing in a forested area, the Saiyan Prince walked through several trees looking for a place he would be able to claim his bed for the next few days. Finding a damp area near by a waterfall with a small lake he settled himself down.




“Isn’t this the place that Namek lived..?” Vegeta thought to himself, looking around. The place was awfully familiar. Thinking about the green-skinned alien made him unintentionally look for the powerful Namek’s life force. When Vegeta was unable to locate it he blinked.




“What the fuck?” He was about to lift himself into the air and tell the others about the missing alien when he stopped suddenly.




“When did I start to care for some stupid Namek!?” Floating back to the ground he shrugged and went out to look for some food.




            Seeing that all the animals had some how anticipated his arrival, Vegeta was forced to eat fruits and berries instead of descent rabbit or fox. While shoving his gloved-covered hands in a small berry bush Vegeta smacked his hand against something. It wailed the second it was hit. Vegeta quickly pulled his arm back from the sudden screech. The crying stopped quickly and Saiyan Prince was left there staring. Curiosity getting the better of him, he slowly placed his hand back into the bush. Vegeta yelled out in pain as small, pointed teeth dug themselves through the glove and into his flesh. As he brought his hand back to look over his wound, he found something hanging off it, something that he would have never expected. There, with his mouth firmly clamped on the Saiyan Prince’s hand was a young baby Namek. Fat was all around his small body, where possibly later in his life muscles would form. His eyes were dark and mysterious, with so much life in them. Vegeta, carefully but using some force, removed the baby with his other hand as the child’s pointed teeth scrapping his way off. Growling in annoyance, the Prince placed the child on the grassy floor.




“Look at what we have here. Piccolo goes missing and we still have green people running around!” The Saiyan smirked until his eyes came to rest staring directly into the Namekian baby’s. A wave of sadness came upon him like a flood over a city. The dark eyes were no longer aggressive and strong, but glistening with unshed tears. His long ears, that he hadn’t grown into yet, gave a look of almost falling back much like a lost puppy. Vegeta couldn’t take his eyes off the child but he didn’t want to either. The Saiyan Prince shook his head quickly to block eye contact with the small Namek.




“No way in hell am I falling for that stupid look!” Then, it happened. Just as Vegeta was about to leave the Namek and go on his merry way he looked over his shoulder and saw it. A single tear that slid down the side of the green, chubby cheek as the baby let out a soft sniffle. Vegeta snapped. Without being in control of his actions, he moved back to the child, lifted him into his arms and he wiped the crystal that had fallen from the dark eyes. The child instantly grabbed onto Vegeta’s nose and laughed delighted by its new friend. Vegeta held the baby in bewilderment but for some odd reason didn’t feel as annoyed as he believed he would have been.




“This is going to be hell to explain to the damn onna, but it may also be interesting.” And with that Vegeta flew off back to Capsule Crop. with his new little ally.




I hoped you like it so far. I'm almost done with Chapter 2 and should soon be up. Reviews are always nice to have, LoL. If theres a chance that Vegeta's alittle too OOC, give me a shout!



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