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Vegeta bumps into a Namekian baby and finds out a secret behind the green child. For Piccolo fans too.

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Chapter 2, Surprises

Well on with chapter 2.



Pikkoro-Chan - Surprises




Vegeta, without aggravation, explained to Bulma about the small infant he had found in the woods. The woman he claimed as his mate was happy to care for the Namek as long as Vegeta kept his end of the bargain and looked after him during the afternoon so Bulma would be able to finish her research in her lab.




A week had passed and early one morning Vegeta found himself awaken abruptly by his wife.




“Vegeta! Wake up!” the blue haired woman smacked the Saiyan lightly on the cheek.




“W-what?! Woman! How dare you?!” He proclaimed as he raised his head from his pillow. “You know what the punishment is for waking a Saiyan Prince?!”




“Vegeta, just shut up and listen to me… I have a huge convention I must go to. I won’t be able to look over Piccolo…” On the second day of having the Namek baby wondering around nameless, Vegeta grew annoyed and the Prince decided that instant to name him after the only Namek he knew. That and the child reminded him of the warrior in more than one-way.




“Woman! You know very well I train in the morning!” The Saiyan barked back.




“Well, he is your RESPONISBILITY as much as mine… and you haven’t even gone to the lookout to ask Dende about the little guy!” Vegeta stared at her for a moment; even after releasing she was right.  It was just he hated it when she was.




Holding back his urge to continue the fight, he held his tongue and said, “Fine, fine Onna. I’ll take care of the Namek brat.” Of course when he said ‘brat’ he hadn’t meant it as bad as one would think. He had quickly grown fond of the child and was one of the main reasons he hadn’t talked to Dende or any of the other Z warriors about him. Pulling the covers off of him, the Saiyan walked into the bathroom and washed up. He stared into the mirror, his reflection staring back. He let out a soft sigh. ‘If I am to beat Kakoroto, these minor delays will only weaken me! I shall go straight back to that damn woman and demand that she…’ His thoughts came to a stop suddenly. A sound of the young and helpless cried out loud. Running out of the bathroom the Prince came to the door of the room that Piccolo slept. Trunks had been there holding the child as it whimpered.




“Gave me that, Boy!” Vegeta spat at the purpled haired teenager as he grabbed the Namek out of his hands. “What did you do?!” He asked angrily.




“Huhhhhh… It, it wasn’t me Dad. He was just crying, I just came into the room and…” The Prince didn’t let the teen finish.




“Don’t give me your childish excuses! Now! When there is something wrong you call me! Do not think about attending to the problem when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, you got that, Brat?!” Trunks stood there staring bewildered at Vegeta’s outburst. Living with him had taught him not to worry about his cruel remarks but this was completely different… It had NOTHING to do with training or fighting. Piccolo’s crying had even silenced and the Namek baby stared up at the angry Saiyan. Vegeta unconsciously held the baby closer to himself and stormed out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen. Trunks remained in the same position, left in pure confusion.




            Vegeta waited as the microwave finished warming up the bottle of milk and then pulled it out as soon as it was done and gave to Piccolo, who he had placed on the counter beside the toaster. The Namek still looked tired and sleepy and Vegeta was hoping that he would fall asleep again after drinking some warm milk. The Namek child touched the bottle and pulled back quickly with a small cry. The Saiyan stared at the child and then the milk and then back at the child.




“What’s wrong with it??” Vegeta thought out loud and taking the bottle he realized he warmed it too long. He shook his head in annoyance.




“God damn it.” He waited a moment after the bottle felt a slight cooler and handed it back to Namek in his chubby hands. Clamping his mouth on the nipple of the bottle, Piccolo drank silently as he stared up at Vegeta with his large, dark eyes. Vegeta watched the child for a few minutes as he tapped his foot on the tiled floor. ‘What’s it going to take for this child to fall asleep..? The onna clearly said give him milk and the brat would sleep.’ Even though Vegeta has been a father himself he never really looked after his children when they were young. It was only until they are able to walk, they were able to fight and that to the Saiyan Prince was the most important thing. Piccolo continued to suck softly on his bottle and look up at the Prince. Growling, Vegeta picked up the Namek, and turned on the television in hope that would make the child sleep. Half an hour had passed and Piccolo was now even more aware of his surroundings and Vegeta couldn’t stand another moment of Big Birds explanations about various letters in the human alphabet. Grabbing the baby, Vegeta walked out towards his gravity room.




“Well, if you won’t sleep then you’ll just have to sit and watch!” The baby Namek looked up at the Saiyan but then continued to drink.




After getting Bulma’s father to build a small box in which Piccolo could sit in and not be effected by the change in gravity, Vegeta dropped Piccolo in the clear box and turned on the gravity machine to begin his training.




“Missed three hours of valuable training…” The lights dimmed and Vegeta pressed a few more buttons on the control pad to start up the androids and his training match.




The Namek child stared out of the small box, not nearly as big as it should be. Mr. Briefs would have suggested that it should be made larger but Vegeta’s temper wasn’t something he would like to witness so the Scientist handed the box to him with only a small teddy bear to accompany the infant. Piccolo watched as Vegeta trained long and hard. The Namek pushed up on his little hands and stood on his unstable feet and tired to move towards the other side of the box, which was only 2 steps away. Tripping over his toes, Piccolo fell forward and caught himself with his hands before hitting the ground hard. Mumbling some noises to mimic what he thought of as speaking, Piccolo tried again.




 The small Namek was learning slowly how to walk and Vegeta never noticed until the Saiyan heard a soft thud as Piccolo landed on the ground harder then usual. Vegeta stopped to stare as the Namek sat on its rear to check itself if it was wounded.




“He didn’t… cry?” he thought out loud as 3 ki blasts that Vegeta had forgotten about came flying towards him and at the last second the Prince moved out of the way. A burning sensation occurred and Vegeta felt a sudden pain go up his arm. The Saiyan growed in annoyance and blasted the other two energy beams to avoid getting hit again. Floating to the ground, Vegeta smacked his palm against the control pad and suddenly felt all the weight being lifted off his shoulders. Moving swiftly, the Saiyan Prince walked toward the box and opened it and watched as Piccolo looked up at him.




“You’re full of surprises.” Piccolo smiled and put up his hands in a silent request to be lifted. Vegeta stared down at the Namek and after a few moments of consideration, he put his hands in and lifted the baby out. Giggling in joy with the freedom of more movement, Piccolo wrapped his chubby arms around Vegeta’s neck. As they left the gravity room, Vegeta couldn’t help but smile.




 “Maybe, you are worthy enough to become a warrior after all Namek.”


Yeah, obvious. Hope you liked it so far. 


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