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The Prince and his life

by Prince Crash

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This stars Prince Crash(me) and others from animes that you may or may not know, this is only the begining of a long and tiring day, so the story will be super long hope you like it

This is most probably the most interesting story of my life, considering it is about my life. Now were do I begin. Ah, yes that’s it.



The year is 2006, after a long Sunday I was getting ready for bed; I had school the next day so I went to sleep at 11:00, listening to music as usual.  The day had been long and I was very tired.

Early next morning I had been awakened by my alarm, as I awoke I felt that something was not right.



I turned and “AHHHHHH”.  

There was someone lying right next to me, if your wondering how it’s possible, it’s because I have a double bed.

“Who the fuck are you and how did you get in my house, wait, never mind that why are you in my bed.” I was sitting up in bed waiting for an answer and yet nothing.



“If you’re a burglar you seriously are the most idiotic one I’ve ever meet”

“No, I’m not a burglar and I never broke into your house, I was here the whole time.” He said to me, almost as if nothing had happened. “You’re the one who said there’s no point in hiding, just show yourself, you also told me to get some rest so I did.”



“WHAT, I never said tha…Wait, your…But… I thought that either you weren’t there or that you were just playing tricks on me.” I was seriously confused.

“Ya, but I thought it through and you were right, There’s no need to hide, but you can still wait till your Birthday.” He calmly explained to me.



“So it is true then, so you must be Yuki” 

“Yes I’m Yuki, and if you know of me than you know of the others.”

“Ya, I know of the others but I’m still trying to take it all in.”


“I knew you were real, but I still don’t know how animators can come up with real people like you”



I started to get out of bed and pace around the room trying to think of a way.



“The thing is. No one knows we’re real, they just think up things but there’s nothing that anyone can think of that already isn’t real. Even though some of the things aren’t exactly true, like I’m actually 18 years old”



“What, but I don’t understand, this is really confusing, I’ve had dreams and visions but I never thought it would be this way.”



I left the room and went downstairs to get a drink; it was all happening to quick for my brain to take in all the information.

“Am I what I think I am then?”

“Most probably” This was weird. “I’ll stay with you where ever you go.”

“And what about school, what do I tell the teachers.”

“That I’m your body guard.”  

“Why would I need a guard huh?”

“Well I’ll just make an excuse.”



I stared laughing hysterically. “ Look, I know why you’re my body guard, its cause I’m a prince isn’t it.”



“But how did you know”

“I’ve been having visions and dreams, remember, I know all about that and more, more than you know.” He looked at me as if I had been listening to everything that had to do with me that I wasn’t supposed to know yet.

“ Well, you’ll know about the other things as time goes on.”

“Ya, umm, you should get ready for school.”



As we walked to school Yuki kept looking at me then around the entire area.

“What are you doing looking around, just in case?”

“Right, anyway, I’ve got this, I was wandering if this one certain person was following me because of this?”



I then pulled out from my left pocket, a small octagonal object from my pocket. It had a picture of a rooster on it and was made of metal.

“Dragos been looking for that.”

“But how do you know that this is real, there are tons of make of these all over the world”

“All talismans give of a very special energy, so I can tell that this, this is the rooster talisman that Drago has been looking for. Most probably why he’s the one on Kino’s team who has been following you.”



“What about my friends, I could sense that they were being followed as well”



 “Don’t worry, Naruto is looking after Helen and Duo’s looking after Nicole.”

“What about Chris, I told him everything on Saturday, even the waiting till my birthday thing.”



“He’s ok, he’s military remember.”

“True, but I don’t think that the military has ever fought anything like Kino and his team”



Suddenly the shadows started moving. “Yuki, I think its shadow khan.”

“Your right, Drago’s making another attempt to get the talisman.”


“Go, I’ll hold them off, another thing that they made a mistake on was that I was an excellent fighter, and if Drago follows, you know what to do.”




I ran and kept running in the direction of school, strangely I could sense Drago, and I knew he was close.

I managed to reach school and just as I was closing in on the doors, Drago comes out from a shadow.



“Give me the talisman, and I promise I won’t hurt you” as he said with an out stretched arm.

“Ha ha ha, I’m not giving it to you, and I know very well that you can’t hurt me. Kino wouldn’t be very pleased.”



Yuki came running behind as more shadow khan arrived.

“This is between me, and you. Young Prince.”



Drago jumped in the air to kick me from above.

“Crash use your instinct, trust in what you already know.”

As Drago came down to kick, right before he touched me I grabbed his foot and flung him down to the ground.

People started to come around to see what was going on.

I then knew what I would do next. I ran towards him and jumped to copy what he had done, but he vanished before I hit him.



“He has all the other talismans, be careful.”



Then I felt something moving in my pocket and grabbed by my pocket to find his tail trying to get the talisman.



“It’s a bit late for that Crash. I’m holding it with my tail, and absorbing it while we speak.”



I started floating in the air, the shadow khan vanished and I saw the final part of the talisman going into Dragos tail.

“Thanks for the present kid, see ya in a month.”



I then flew backwards, but Yuki came running and dashed forward to grab me before I hit the wall.




“No problem, now time for school, you’ll need a lot of protecting to day.”




“Look around everyone saw what just happened, they’re all gonna want to speak to you to ask how the fuck you did that.”

“Oh, I see. It’s gonna be a long day.”

“Yep, but a longer life”

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