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The Lost Soul

by Peace Fairy

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It'z a poem about how i feel...

I wake up every morning,


I put something black on.


And walk to my bus.




I walk slowly,


Thinking about how my life has changed so much,


First I was so happy now I’m not.




I walk into school,


Looking at the people pass,


And cursing at them.




Oh, why me?


I ask myself everyday.


I sit during the classes trying hard to do well in ‘em.




School ends and I walk back to the bus,


I look at myself,


And walk slowly to the bus.




I enter my house go to my room,


And act like I had the greatest day of my life,


Even though I have a headache and I hate my friends.




I am lost,


I try hard to look for myself,


But for some reason my Soul is lost…

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