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by thedemonsess

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This is a story about a king who sacrificed his life for his people. His body mysteriously disappeared after he was slain by the sorcerer. However, a woman found a sword entwined in an old weeping willow...

Long ago, when bloody wars were prominent, there lived a mysterious race that no mortal has ever seen or discovered. They were the Crusader Angels. They lived in an undiscovered land called Alius. The name Crusader Angels is a bit of a misnomer for these people. They were never part of any crusade whatsoever. Why they are called this is still yet unknown. They were peaceful, and lived in perfect harmony. What can go wrong in a place like this? There were never any signs of war anywhere here.


            However, in the 12th century, the Crusader Angels’ king, Sarius, has noticed something lurking its way to Alius. A strange black cloud flying over the sky was coming closer and faster to the peaceful city. All of a sudden, the cloud broke up into pieces. These were not pieces of clouds. These were ruthless demons trying to destroy the entire city. The people ran with fear, trying to find a safe place to hide, but the demons came too fast and starting to slain those in their way. The king was devastated by this horrific sight. He then drew a sword that no other creature can wield. It was a sword that passed on for generations…it was known as the Angel’s Blade. It was white like pure silk, with a golden tip. It shone as the sun’s rays hit the blade. The reason why it was called the Angel’s Blade is because it was rumored that the sword was made from an angel of the heavens. Sarius flew with his large, beautiful iridescent black wings out of his castle to pursue the attack. He slew some demons here, some demons there…but there were too many. He finally saw a strange figure on a large black dragon in the sky. It seemed to be a sorcerer of some sort…perhaps the leader of the demons attacking Alius. Sarius flew up into the air and started attacking the sorcerer. He knocked the sorcerer off of his dragon, leaving him falling to the solid ground. The sorcerer then got up, and starting chanting…a spell perhaps?



            May the darkness fill this place


            With the darkness’ evil race


            May the people of Alius cry


            For soon their king will die!



All of a sudden, a large flash of white light struck against Sarius, knocking him to the ground. He remained paralyzed…not even able to blink or breathe. He lay there still, with his blade, and slowly started closing his eyes. He lay there motionless, breathless, leaving the people in sadness and despair.


The entire race was slain by the demons and the sorcerer, turning the peaceful city into a land of pure death. The demons and the sorcerer left the devastated city, cackling in victory. But something strange had happened after that. The king’s body has disappeared! The demons did not take it, nor did the sorcerer. Did the king knew that this was going to happen?

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