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by Darkki

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complete. after seen Vegetavixen picture of Bulma's broken heart. i wrote this story (with her permission) it's not ready long. a few mintues of reading is all.

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*Story inspired by Vegetavixen picture. Bulma’s broken heart. Quote on the bottom is all so her’s.*

Bulma pulled the door close as she was going to get ready for bed. She wasn’t tired, wasn’t hungry, wasn’t anything but, completely numb. Vegeta was gone. His attack against Buu didn’t work and the monster lived. He died. Bulma moved to the bed with tears starting to blur her vision. The night sky was beautiful despite the monster running around. Turning away she changed into a red nightdress falling to mid-thigh. She smiled grimily as Vegeta liked her in red although blue was in favorite color. His comments were in a language that she finally understood. Like if he said ‘doesn’t look as bad as the other one’s.’ Then he meant ‘I like that one.’ That how he was.

Sitting down on the bed she picked a picture in the night stand. She knew she should look at it. She finally stopped crying. But . . . she needed to see his face. His slight surprise was caught on film as she called his name and he turned. She ran as the flash blinded him for a moment. Either he didn’t understand or caring what that was, he followed her. That lead to an interesting night.

Fresh tears started down her face as she turned to lay down. It wasn’t cold at all. The window was open letting the cool air into the room. Closing her eyes, she clutched the picture to her chest bring her knees up. Too warm for the covers, she drifted off into a restless sleep with tears drying on her face.

Bulma was too far gone to notice presence in the room as it looked over her. A transparent Vegeta was setting by her. He wasn’t allowed to be here. No doubt his body would be taken away and he be a floating sprit in H.E.I.L. but, he couldn’t care less now. He was a fool. Thinking magic could erase the feelings he had. It scared him.

He wasn’t allowed to feel anything from the day he was born and then suddenly emotion poured through him like the damn inside his mind was broke. He couldn’t suppress them all. In part he didn’t wish too.

Then he found himself with a child. His freedom taken again from him. At the time he regretted it. His honor could never let him take off now. He tried so hard to be emotionless like he was made to be. But, once he walked through that door there was no going back. Soon he found himself liking being called Dad.

Bobidid’s magic was over and spell was gone. The evil was pushed back down by force of will. The same will that allowed him to rebel against the wizard’s orders. He understood now. A little too late. But, now he understood.

He reached out his hand to touch her face, only to have his hand go right through her. He watched her shiver lightly and that was all. She couldn’t feel him, couldn’t see him, couldn’t hear him. He was the stale air in the night.

He reached to his face feeling the wetness from his eyes. He could cry in spirt form. That weird and not useful.

“I’m sorry, Bulma. I didn’t understand until it was too late. I only have myself to blame. I was a coward that ran from his emotions. Ran from you.” Tears ran down his face. He didn’t bother with wiping them away.

“Vegeta.” He turned his face fast. Could she hear him? His hopes dashed as her eyes were still closed. She was still asleep. She was only whispering his name in her sleep.

He felt a tug on his astro body as the underworld finally realized he wasn’t where he belonged. Not even he would cheat death without the Dragonballs help.

“I do love you Bulma. It just took too long to understand that.” His body faded out going back to the underworld.

Bulma awoke suddenly in a start. Why she didn’t know. Looking around the room seeing nothing. She could have sworn there was someone there a minute ago. She looked down at the bed seeing a few small dark spots on Vegeta’s side of the bed. Reaching her hand over she felt they were wet. Wet like tears stains.


                                         A million words couldn’t bring you back I know because I’ve tried . . .

                                                                 Neither could a million tried because

                                                                                    I’ve cried.

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