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Kitty discovers her powers

by Shadow Cat

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I wanted to do a story on kitty's powers, when she first gets them oh and if u look closly at the pic u'll see it's the same as my icon, only bigger

Kitty discovers her powers
            In the beginning I was just laying there, happily sleeping having the most wonderful dream.
In my dream I was flying over Manhattan it was so beautiful.
Then all of a sudden I stared to fall out of control.
I was falling, screaming for my life, hoping that I would not hit the ground.
I woke up with a thud on the floor.
There was a thunderstorm outside, ‘Why am I in the basement?’ I thought to myself.
My mom and dad came rushing into the basement. “Are you okay sweetie” my mom asked frantically rushing over to me.
“Why are you down here?” asked dad.
“Umm… I don’t know, I just…. I just fell!”
“How could you just fall, maybe you sleepwalked, that’s the only logical explanation” said dad always thinking of another reason for when something strange happens.
“Umm… Honey! I think she did fall!”
We all looked up.  There was pillow and blanket stuck in the ceiling.
“What…what’s happening to me?” I screamed as the thunder covered up my scream.
The next day. I had my backpack on sneaking down the stairs towards the door.
“Honey, were are you going?” mom said as she snuck up behind me.
“Please mom, I don’t want to stay here it’s so boring, please let me go to school”
“Kitty, Where are you?” Dad yelled
“Please mom, we don’t ever talk about what happened, and if dad finds out he’ll stop me going”
“Okay, just hurry up, and be careful Kitty.”
“Thanks Mom, you’re the best.”
When I got to school I was putting things in my locker sorting everything out for Phys Ed or Physical Education.
Jessica walked by with her friend and pushed me into my locker and locked me in there.
“Hey, let me out you jerks,” I screamed, “Let me out”
“ See you at the long jump Pryde” she said walking away laughing in hysterics.
I eventually gave up crying for help, as everyone was in there lessons
I then heard the sound of whistling and the sound of a spray can with it
I started banging on the door of the locker again in hope that whoever was out there could hear me
Then as I went to bang again, I missed and feel straight through the locker and onto the guy with the spray paint
“Oh, Sorry” I said stammering to my feet hoping he didn’t realise that I fell through the locker.
“Do you know what you just did?” he said sounding astonished and pleased.
“No, I didn’t do anything”
“You just fell through that locker”
“No I didn’t, please that’s stupid”
“I just saw you do it, look don’t worry I’m just like you, watch”
He put his hands out and the ground started to shake.
“Wa…What are you” he came towards me talking again”
 “No, just stay away you freak”
I ran for the grounds to do my long jump, it hurt me to call him a freak; I guess I just wouldn’t understand my mutant abilities until later on.
I got to the long jump area just before they were about to jump
“Pryde you’re late” said the teacher
“Sorry, I got a little….” Glancing over at Jessica and her friends. “ Held up” they started laughing again and I just ignored them.
“Right…Pryde. Your first”
I stepped up to the line and readied myself. I started to run and as I got closer to the jumping line I started to lose balance. I then tried to jump but instead I feel over.
I then got up to my knees and hit the floor
“Ooooo, looks like kitty cats got a temper” said Jessica “Let me show you how the pros do it” She then got up to the line and readied herself and ran, she made it to the jump line and jumped. Then the earth started to shake and the sand came up and knocked her down.
I felt that shake before and looked around I noticed that same guy on the roof. He caused that to happen. Okay so I found it funny, but you can’t blame me right, who wouldn’t laugh at that happening to their enemy?
Later on that day, he came up to me again.
“Hi, you ran away before I could introduce myself. My name is Lance”
“ Umm… hi, sorry about earlier on, I just got a little scared.”
“That’s ok, I was afraid of my powers as well, unsure of what to do with myself, always running away from other people.”
Ya, Ya, I know I like him there’s no hiding it, but I don’t want him to know.
“If you want to learn more about your powers come to the side of the school at the end of the day, okay and I’ll help you learn like I did.” He then left and I had the thought in my mind all day.
‘What should I do?’ I thought to myself ‘What should I do?’

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