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Love is never Silver and Gold

by Nessarose

Libraries: Drama, Misc Fanfiction (other), Romance, Series

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Jemima has always had a huge crush on Munkustrap, the leader of the Jellicles. But the problem is, Munkustrap has a girlfriend! What's a Queen to do in a situation like this?

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Chapter 1, Demeter's News.

Love is never Silver and Gold

Jemima slowly walked to the Junkyard on a quiet night.  She was hoping to meet another jellicle, perhaps Rumpleteazer or Tantomile, her good friends.  She suddenly heard a loud couple arguing.  One voice she recognized as a Queen for it was higher and softer.  Another was definetly a Tom.  Jemima decided to follow the rumpus to see who and what in the name of The Everlasting Cat was going on.

She recognized one voice as Demeter as she got closer.  Demeter was a small yellow tabby that was always on the lookout for Macavity the mystery cat.  She quickly recognized the other and put her hand to her heart.  It was Munkustrap, her one true love.  How she wished he would notice Jemima and how much she loved him.  The only thing she ever wished and dreamed for was Munkustrap.  Now, she listened in...

"I cannot believe you!  You... you ruthless tom!  How I ever had feelings for you is not even in my reach any more!" Demeter hissed.

"Dem, would you just wait!  I have my reasons!  I really like you, but that's all!  I only like you!  Don't you understand!  Our relationship is over because it never started!  I never loved you, and I'm sorry if I led you to believe otherwise.  I was just pretending to because Old Deuteronomy told me it was best to set a good example for the kittens by finding a Queen to love.  But I've finally found someone other than you that I really do love.  Love can't be silver and gold, it can only be one of the two.  Please try to understand." Munkustrap pleaded.

"Get away from me.  I hate you Munkustrap.  I'll see to it that you will never love another gold again.  Now leave me alone!" she screeched.  Munkustrap reached out to touch her shoulder, but Demeter scratched it hard until it was bleeding.  She scratched him all over and left him wounded and dying.  She then vanished into an alley. 

Jemima gasped in disbelief.  Could it possibly be?  Munkustrap had dumped Demeter!  It was a dream come true.  But only if he lived through the breakup!

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