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The Black Fox

by Goku4051

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A boy is abodoned by his family for what happened to him when he was little. Now a red fox finds him in the woods and becomes the boy's brother. What will happen in their adventures? This is another story that was first posted on by me so I'm not stealing.

Chapter 1, The legend begins

Hello everyone, Naruto4051 is here with a story that just popped into my head last week while working on my other story "Brothers In Heart". This story was first posted on by me. Anyway I do NOT own Naruto or any of its charaters but I do own: Kyoia, Kyuba, and some other charaters that I made up for this story.

In a forest in an other world there is a boy with black hair and black eyes wearing white shorts and a blue t-shirt with what looks like a paper fan on the back and no shoes on, crying since his family abandon him in the forest, at the age of four, a few days ago for his special powers. 'Freak', that is what the boy was called when he live in the village. Soon a red fox with nine tails about as big as a wolf appeared in front of the boy starring at him with its large dark red eyes. The boy was so scarred of the fox that he could not move his body. "Stupid human, you are out here in the middle of a dangerous forest with no food and nothing to defend yourself with," said the nine tail fox in its animal language that no human to then knew what it means. The young boy got angry and said, "Well my family abandoned me for being able to understand you animals!" The fox was shocked. 'This kid he could understand me?' thought the fox looking at the small human boy with surprise eyes. "What is your name kid?" asked the fox. The boy than answered with a shaky voice, "M-my name is U-uchiha Sasuke." The fox grinned at the response with its foxy grin. "H'm, it seems the charaterics of him is not showing through you," said the fox looking at Sasuke's body from head to toe.

"W-who's him?" asked Sasuke. "What do you mean his charaterics are not showing?" The fox laughed at Sasuke's question and said, "You know about Kyuubi, right?" Sasuke nodded. "Well Kyuubi, is my father." This surprised Sasuke. "Y-your father?" asked Sasuke. "Yes Kyuubi was my father." "But what does this have to do with me?" "There is a demon sealed inside of you Sasuke-kun." "What! There is no demon inside of me!" "Yes there is." "But who is it? Kyuubi?" The fox laughed at Sasuke for saying that. "No my father is not inside of you. My brother, Kyoia, is sealed inside of you." Sasuke was speechless and starred at the fox. "Y-your brother?" "Yes, my brother, Kyoia. He was with Dad when he attacked Konoha. Dad was sealed inside a boy named Uzumaki Naruto. Kyoia was sealed inside you. That's why you can understand me, kid." A brief pause "I understand but can I call you 'otouto' since your brother is sealed inside of me?" The fox paused for a little bit and said, "Yes you can but you can call me Kyuba too, Otouto." Sasuke was glad that Kyuba agreed and asked, "Can you teach me your ways?" Kyuba was surprise by Sasuke's question of being able to learn his species ways. "Are you sure that you really want to learn my species ways Sasuke-kun?" Sasuke nodded. "I want to become stronger and learn to fight with your brother's power." Kyuba paused for a little and lowered his body for Sasuke to get on and said, "Get on Sasuke-kun. We'll get started on your training first thing in the morning." "Ok, Kyuba." Sasuke climbed on Kyuba grapping on his fur tightly. "Hold on Sasuke, it's going to be a bumpy ride." Kyuba lifted his body and ran at an unreal speed through the forest. While Kyuba was running, Sasuke is sleeping soundly on Kyuba's back for not sleeping for a very long time. 'Well ,Sasuke, it looks like you are going to be just like Kyoia. Ha Kyoia, that fox always getting into trouble. I hope you will be just like my brother Sasuke.' They disappeared in the dark forest as their adventure begins.

Sorry if it's short, I just put these ideas together and got this story. -- Anyway please review to give me ideas for my next chapter. Thank you. Naruto4051-out.

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