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Poem Tree

by fifleaona

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It's my collection of poetry. You know, Poetry...Poem Tree. Anyways, any good poems I get together will be thrown in here. And you might read them.

Chapter 1, Why?

I'm sitting here, watching time roll by and I wonder,
When I ask a question, I ask it with style and with tone.
I ask, "Why?"
But the answer is what I never hear,
Instead the sensless scoff.
The "You're not four anymore."
The "You're a young adult."
And the ever popular, "Figure it out yourself."
But the question is relentless, the question is restless,
Why do we feel this way?
Why do we feel at all?
Why does time pass by?
Why must we die?
Why must the world go on?
Why do you love me?
So I sit here, watching the time roll by,
Senseless to all else but the question,
The ever burning question,
The never answered question,
And just as the  four year old finds,
I find the question is never quite answered.

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