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I remember....

by AmericanReject

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Aboutmy little brother I lost when i was 10...got brought up with my friend and decided to write about it...

We used to play together
We were both so young
I looked up to you
Loved you unconditionally

You were always there for me
You helped me to learn
You helped me when I was hurt
Made me happy when I was sad
Comforted me at all times

You were my hero
You still are to this very day
Although only three years ago
It seems like a century

That fateful day came
Although we didn't want it to so soon
It tore you from my grasp
Took you away from me
Out of my life forever
Never to return

I mourned over your departure
Everyday after
And still do to this very day
I miss everything we did
I loved it all

Learning to ride bikes
Playing in that sandbox
Torturing our sister
Getting in trouble together
Falling asleep together
You hugging me when I got hurt
Easing my pain
Protecting me from harm

But I want you to know
I'm still here...
And I'm older now
I've done many things in these few years
I'm going to highschool now
Made many new friends
But I'll never forget you....

I miss you

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