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Modern Hearts

by AnimeBoyToyKoibito

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Something I wrote a few minutes ago... Its for someone who know it is for them. Because they love someone else and I could never really compete with that.

As if you have no faith

No belief in my intentions

When all they have ever proven is good

When all they have ever done is help

As if you have no emotion

No remnant of a feeling

You’re passive and stoic

Never letting me inside your heart

Holding me back, pushing me out

Uncaring of the left over pain

Unerring of the decision

So you can’t really see that in the end

You’re hurting me with your words

Your thoughts

Your actions

Your pain for everything, pains me too

But you will never know that it does

You will never know of my suffering

My eternal love for you

Something that only grew as I saw you

Something that only gets bigger as the days pass

And I don’t tell you the truth

But I will keep hiding them away

These emotions of love for you

Because now-a-days

Modern love is all there is

A new expression of give

But my own romantic ideals

Will forever hold you stuck

In a place where I can see you

Feel you

But never have…

Because this heart of mine

Is too far for me to hold

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