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Grave New World

by Piglet

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After writing the VERY short limerick "Chernobyl National Park", I decided I'd stay on a similar theme, reminding ourselves of the terrible hurt we have caused our world, particularly how we have soiled it and all but used up her non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels. This one is entitled "Grave New World", a little play on words (Aldous Huxley wrote a book called "Brave New World"). Hope you enjoy it, even if it is a little bleak.

This world is not as we once used to know
There is now scarcely room for our children to grow
Around every corner crouch myriad dangers
And now even grown-ups dare not talk to strangers

There's smog as far as the eye can see
Which isn't as far as the trees used to be
You can't take a walk on the beach any more
For fear of used needles that litter the shore

Life's become cheap, fuel's become dear
Some say we will run out of oil in a year
I remember an age ago when I was a child
Air and water were pure and the beasts all ran wild

Let's erase the graffiti, let's all scour the streets
Let's again make our houses homes instead of retreats
Let's turn off the engines, let's stopper the stacks
Let's get the electric trains back on their tracks

Let's replant the trees, lets polish the sky
Let's suck up the smog and watch real clouds going by
Let the meadows grow back like green blankets unfurled
Let's exhume the goodness in this grave new world

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